When Can Babies Sleep on Their Stomach?

Kids are the best gift that we have in our life. How to raise them well is always parents’ priority.  To do so, we need have good care for our kids right after they were born. One of the most important things mothers and fathers need to pay their attention to is their kids’ sleep. One of the common positions of sleeping of babies is sleeping on tummy. Is it right or wrong for them to do it? Now we will have some discussion about it.

when can babies sleep on their stomach

Can babies sleep on their stomach?

can babies sleep on their stomachYes, it is possible for our babies to sleep on their tummy. Some researchers showed that sleeping on stomach could somehow stimulate kids’ intelligence development. However, the possibility of this sleeping position does not mean that it will be recommended to occur in a long time or be kids’ permanent sleeping position.

As you know, to adults, it is surely bad if you are a stomach sleeper because of many adverse effects on your spines, your circulation of blood and even your reproductive health if you are male. So, this fact may lead you to the thought that sleeping on stomach also causes the similar effect on babies as on mature people, right? It is true!

Although some effects that seem to be great for kids as found out, these researchers also gave the warning that your babies may face with some problems such as suffocation, tightness in their stomach and bad digest when sleeping on stomach.

To under one-year-old kids or newborns, their head is heavy while the supportability of their neck has not been good enough. As a result, it causes difficulties for them to deal with all the movements in that position by themselves.

Consequently, they may be easily suffocated as their nose sinks into pillows, blankets or mattress. Hence, please pay attention to your babies when they are in this position.

When can babies sleep on their stomach?

Actually, some babies naturally have a tendency to sleep on their belly because perhaps they get comfort to have a sound sleep in this position. It is their natural “preference”, so sometimes, we, parents could not control them to have a right sleeping position all the time but try to limit it.

Have you ever thought when can we let our babies sleep on their stomach yet? As mentioned above, it is not safe for kids under one year old to practice this sleeping position. In general, when babies can roll onto their stomach, it is all right for parents to allow them to sleep on their tummy.

To be more specific, children one-year-old and older can sleep this way. At this time, bones or spines of infants are stronger. Hence, they can roll or move their head and body better.

When sleeping on stomach, babies need more attention from their parents. Some items like pillows, blanket and even big – sized toys in bed sometimes, unfortunately, may cover all the head of our babies, which make it difficult for them to breath.

In addition, with this position of sleep, our kids’ nose, mouth easily contact with dust or bacteria in these items, so let look after the mattress, pillows, toppers and so on well. Also, when putting your babies in bed, if their head cannot move to sides on their own, you should help them do it.

How should a newborn sleep?

how should a newborn sleepThis question may be the considerable concern of many parents. While now, you already know that sleeping on the stomach is not a good idea for your newborn, but what about the remaining positions? Sleep on sides or back, which one is better?

Generally speaking, parents should let newborn sleep on their back, especially until they are 12 months old. This is the safest position of sleeping for babies during the early periods of their life.

Sleeping on back makes babies in the most comfortable stage. Some organs like the heart, digestive tract are not pinched. It also prevents them from suffocation.

Besides, newborns can move freely, and parents can observe changes in the babies’ face to know that whether they are sleeping well or not. Additionally, infants who sleep on back may have a lower frequency of fever and ear infection than ones sleeping in other position.

How to get baby to sleep on back?

Sleeping on back is the best position for your babies, so it is great to know how to make your child sleep this way. The following are some suggestions for parents to “train” babies to sleep on back.

Parents, first, should help their babies get a better preparation for their sleep. Let get them sleep in a good bed. The mattress shouldn’t be too soft or too firm. I highly recommend parents to buy this item from the best mattress brands. This will help us ensure the quality of the mattress which affects mainly to our little angles’ sleep.

Besides, there is no need for babies during their early period of life to use pillows, so just let their head directly on the mattress or a thin and soft towel. You should also pay attention to the thickness of the blanket you use for your child. Also, don’t forget to make a silent, clean room with proper humidity for their sleep.

  • Lay your kid on the bed with their back from the outset of the sleep. If you lay them on sides, it will be a favorable condition for them to roll down and sleep on their belly.
  • If your kid is a year old or older, it’s safe for you to use a blanket for the baby: stabilize the edges of the blanket by placing them under the mattress after leaving your child on the back on the bed. Try to choose large quilt for easier stabilization. When stabilizing the blanket, don’t make it too tight or too loose so that your baby is not asphyxiated or easily rolls and lies the face down. You also swaddle your baby with a blanket like you do with a newborn. It helps to limit the movements of her or his arms and legs so that she or he cannot change the initial position to sleep on their tummy. However, don’t use this method in a long time.

For better care, you could ask for the advice from doctors.


Babies, especially newborns always need our attention so as to get the best growth. Sleeping position is one of the things affecting significantly to them.

Being parents, we should help our children orient the way they sleep right from the early days of their life. Try to make them not sleep on stomach and train them how to sleep on back – the best sleeping position for babies.

Together with that, let be smart parents who prepare a good bed with suitable accessories like mattresses, mattress toppers, and pillows which contribute to a better night sleep of babies.

I believe that once your children can find the best sleeping position for them through their parents’ support, they will grow up better.

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