Ways To Recover From A Bad Night Sleep – Secrets You Must Know

It is common that sometimes we experience a night of poor sleep. This can result from stresses, overwork or maybe there is no reason at all. Anyone who has ever experienced a bad night’s sleep will never forget the feeling on the next day.
ways to recover from a bad night’s sleep
In details, if you can’t sleep at the last night, it is likely that you feel anxious the next day. How can it be when you have to work or study after a long sleepless night. No matter how you feel, that is a completely terrible feeling.
However, do we really have to surrender and become sluggish the whole day? Is there any chance for us to recover from a bad night’s sleep or is it even possible to have a nice day after a bad night? Yes, the answer is yes. No matter how sleepy you feel, you can completely have a good physical performance if you know how to manage your day.
Ways to recover from a bad night’s sleep:
Of course, it is the best for you to have a good night’s sleep but in case you can’t for some un-known reasons, there are many ways for you to recover from a bad night’s sleep.

1. Take a cold shower

ways to recover from a bad night sleep

I know how terrible it may feel at the moment you wake up after a long sleepless night. You may not want to do get out of the bed in the morning not mention to doing anything else.
However, it is very necessary for you to take a cold shower if the weather is not too cold. This can give you a jolt of energy and getting splashed with cold water can help increase your heart rate as well as blood flow, therefore, leaving you energized.

2. Drink some coffee

drink coffee

Almost everyone uses coffee as an effective stimulant which can help them concentrate better during the day. As a result, you may need to take more than just one cup of coffee if you want to recover from a night of insomnia. However, don’t drink too much of coffee because too much caffeine can make you extremely exhausted right after it wears off.
3. Hide what you feel: Lack of sleep usually make you look very sluggish and even sloppy if you neglect your personal hygiene. Therefore, you are likely to feel even worse and can’t contain yourself. But no matter what you feel, just try to act normal and keep up appearances, this will help you hang in there during the day to some extent.

4. Take a quick nap

take a quick nap

Many people ignore the importance of napping but it is really helpful for you to increase your alertness. Especially when you are very sleepy because of the previous bad night’s sleep, napping during the day is very important.
Taking a nap can help store some energy as well as heightens your senses or creativity. Therefore, just try to lie on a sofa or your bed and close your eyes for 15 or 20 minutes. Remember not to sleep for more than 30 minutes because this can make you much more exhausted when you wake up.

5. Stay hydrated

Remember that poor sleep often results in severe dehydration because when you are sleep deprived, you are likely to use up the reserves of water you have. Furthermore, mild dehydration can even lead to fatigue as well as problems concentrating. Hence, remember that you have to keep some water with you at all times.

6. Eat well

how to recover from bad sleep

Keep in mind that when you are sleep deprived, your body tends to conserve energy as much as possible. That’s why you don’t have much energy or appetite to drink or eat as usual. Thus, just make sure that besides drinking get enough water, you still have to get sufficient nutrients from healthy food. Try to avoid fast food or empty- calorie snacks which can make you less energetic.

7. Get some exercise

exercises for women

You may think that doing exercises is not necessary when you’ve just had a bad night’s sleep. In fact, some light exercises can give you a temporary energy boost. But remember not to overdue the exercises or you will unintentionally make your fatigue even worse.

8. Go outdoors and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine

go outdoor and enjoy outsideGetting out in the sun can help reset your biological clock to some extents. You all know that you feel sleepy just because our body keeps making the hormone melatonin. But the sunlight can stop your body making it, therefore, making you less sleepy during the day

9. Follow usual routine

I know it is really hard for you to stick to your usual schedule when you couldn’t sleep well last night. But you have to try to get up and out of the bed at your rising time. Prepare for your day well as you usually do by getting some gentle exercises or having light and healthy meals for the breakfast. In addition, you should try a cup of green tea or coffee in order to improve your alertness a little bit.

10. Practice to breathe deeply and briskly all the times

ways to recover after bad night

If you want to boost your energy and alertness all day long, just consider using a stimulating breathing technique anytime you can. With your mouth tightly closed, inhale and exhale continuously through your nose with a lot of short in-and-out breaths.

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