Velociraptor Facts

velociraptor facts
Velociraptor was fast, smart and had great eyesight.
He was also a ferocious killer, using his teeth and
claws to rip apart his victims and eat his fill.

Velociraptor Facts

Have you ever heard about Velociraptor? Let’s learn and share with your kids about velociraptor facts as following given information.

Name Means
“Swift plunderer “
Predator dinosaur
Lived When
Late Cretaceous (99-65 million years ago)
About 100 pounds
3-4 feet tall at hip
About six feet
Razor-sharp teeth that had saw edges; killer claw (sickle shaped claw on second toe of back feet)
Other dinosaurs, specially slow-moving plant-eaters
All known Velociraptor fossils have been found in Mongolia and nearby parts of China, in Central Asia


The first velociraptor fossil was found in 1923 in Mongolia in an area called the “Flaming Cliffs”

Velociraptors traveled in packs

Velociraptor ran with its sickel-shaped toes pointed back, ready to tear apart any prey it got hold of. Pointing the toe back kept it from dulling on the ground so it stayed nice and sharp!



Take the Dino Challenge!

Q: Velocity means speed. Velociraptor means speedy plunderer. What do you think “raptor” means then?

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