Top 5 Best Youth Baseball Gloves – Check Them Now

It takes many time and efforts in finding the best youth baseball gloves for your kids. You must be confused between tons of brands, sizes, models and many other factors to think about. As important as a bat, one of the most important sections of gear for a good performance is the glove.

Top 5 best youth baseball gloves

While definitely not an additional for skill, a good glove which perfectly fits can make your kids perform better on the ground. You don’t have to buy an expensive glove to have a quality one. They are now manufacturing so many great and durable gloves at a reasonable price. But more important, a good glove will go with your kids for multiple seasons and that will make your children get used to it.

For this reason, it is the key to improve muscle memory with this glove in every catch.

Youth baseball glove types

You have to distinguish between these youth baseball gloves with adult ones. Not only different about the design and price, but adult gloves are also supposed to build for real competitive match and can last for years of extreme play.

You kids are growing fast, and these gloves are not expected to be frequently used in a long time. So that’s why they rarely make it expensive but still durable and good enough to improve and develop your kids’ skills.

Top 5 best youth baseball gloves

Besides, baseball gloves are depended on the position on the field – catcher, middle infield, outfielders, third baseman, and pitcher. The main differences between these styles of gloves are in the pocket and the webbing. So pay attention to this when you buy it for your kids.

Usage and maintenance

Firstly and basically, read the glove company’s maintenance instructions. Then break in your baseball glove naturally. The best way to essentially break in your glove is to real play with the ball. Try to catch the ball until you can sense the difference and this will help the glove loosen up appropriately for real play.

Top 5 best youth baseball gloves

Don’t force your new glove by using the expired date therapies like lubricating, baking, soaking, beating, etc. which will do nothing than ruining your glove. Never use lubricants that aren’t recommended by the manufacturer too.

For maintenance, you can follow these rules to keep your gloves durable and always in good condition:

  • Clean your youth baseball glove after every match
  • Keep your baseball glove between uses on a shelf at room temperature in a cool and dry place.
  • Put rags, desiccant pack or a light glove inside to protect the inner
  • Use the right oils or lubricants to clean your glove
  • Reshape your baseball glove after long time using with a soft ball
  • Pay attention to the connection between fingers. If the lace is broken, repair it as soon as possible to stop further damage.

Main things for choosing the right youth baseball glove for your kids


Top 5 best youth baseball gloves

The first thing to notice when sizing the youth baseball glove is that your kids will wear this glove on the non-preferred hand. So that’s why they have to put label as LHT (left hand) or RHT (right hand) on the glove.

Moreover, you can easily get lost in a varied range of sizes when choosing a youth baseball glove. They come in different size for each positions and ages and there is no free size even for youth level. At this stage, you have to understand exactly your kids hand and their play position.

To solve this problem, a detail chart for sizing baseball gloves by position is made and you can easy to look for it on the internet. Just know that baseball gloves sizes are counted by inches from the wrist to the end of index finger – the longest path of the glove.

Style of web

There are several styles of web designs, but they separate into two main types: open or close-webs. Open webs has loose cross designs that construct spacing between each piece of leather. While closed webs offer a tight knit pattern that makes a solid and unyielding web.

Not only for a good looking, but these webs are also created strategy for different positions, such as a pitcher will prefer a closed web design to cover his grip from the rival team.


Unlike adult gloves are made from high-end leather, the youth baseball glove can be made from many materials to make it more affordable. Normally, they divide into 3 mains class – premium, full grain and top grain. For more details, top grain is considered to be the best for its durability and easiest to break-in.

Besides leather, plastic and synthetic is also used to make gloves. Especially, synthetic is highly recommended due to its light weight and competitive price. But please note that leather is still the best material for durability and fit.


Top 5 best youth baseball gloves

For the simplest level for the youth players, their glove won’t be affected by their position that much. But when they come to more important match, the position on the field will be a decisive factor on what type of youth baseball glove you should buy.

Same as when you consider about sizes, they are particularly designed each glove for each position – from infielders, pitchers, outfielders to first basemen and catchers. Usually, outfielders will need a larger glove to support them in grabbing fly balls and line motivations.

Avoidance when choosing

When consider to material, don’t buy any gloves which made from plastic for your kids. These gloves are really uncomfortable and have a cheap feeling. They are mostly designed for babies “play time.”

When come to size, you might think your kids will grow very fast so a little bigger glove will be better. It could help you save the cost for not purchasing another one, but it also can cause injury to your kids and a big disadvantage on the field. No parents want that happen to their kids so make sure you have them the right youth baseball glove.

When pick the construction or design, you need to pay more attention to buy a good and durable glove. It also needs to be comfortable and work well with your kids.

Top 5 best youth baseball gloves

1. Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove

Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove
Our Rating: 4.9 / 5

The Mizuno Prospect GPP1150Y1 is considered to make better players and also to make the game more exciting and tempting. Impressively, this glove features pioneering designs that represent outstanding and creative procedure of technology. Mizuno has brought to the market a product that is attractive and practical.

They have combined many great and innovative features into this youth baseball glove. With the new Power -Close technology plus the Para-shock palm pack and other integrated features, all of them aim to improve the player performance and offer more fun on to baseball.

To make it even better, the Heel Flex Technology that increases the elasticity of the glove and creating closure and holding easy. The Power Lock with the V-Flex notch are also a valuable upgrade for this glove.


  • Easy break-in
  • Comfortable design
  • Nice fit to the hand
  • Extremely durable and flexible


  • Too small in compare with big balls

2. Easton ZFX901 Z-Flex Series Ball Glove

Easton ZFX901 Z-Flex Series Ball Glove
Our Rating: 4.7 / 5

Easton is another brand in top choice for youth baseball glove, with good design and quality. If you are in search of a suitable youth glove for your kids to learn baseball, this glove is highly recommended. With exclusive features, this glove is specially fit for beginner and performance.

One of the most noticeable features will be its flexibility. Your kids can be easy to close or open it quickly while it still provides amazing performance. Ultra-soft leather with Velcro wrist is added to fit different sizes individually and simply closure. Ho


  • Highly flexible
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Good leather made and durable


  • Too small for bigger balls

3. Franklin Sports Teeball Recreational Series Fielding Glove with Baseball, 9.5-Inch

Franklin Sports Teeball Recreational Series Fielding Glove with Baseball, 9.5-Inch
Our Rating: 4.7 / 5

To satisfy kids, Franklin always comes with a colorful glove. This favorable feature let you have many different colors set to choose, which could be suitability for both toddlers and youth. Other feature is the adjustment wrist to improve customizes fit and performance. Also, Franklin is well known for left handed throw so this could be a good option to consider.


  • Perfect for toddlers
  • Colorful
  • Good quality and resilient materials


  • The included ball is not good

4. Rawlings Players Youth Glove Series

Rawlings Players Youth Glove Series
Our Rating: 4.6 / 5

Rawlings is a popular brand that specializes in youth baseball glove. They provide many youth baseball glove on the market and this series of glove is also ranked at the highest place in many categories for youth player.

Rawlings Player Series approaches with stunning features, which is supposed to make baseball interesting and fun for your kids. It comprises the 9-inch T-Ball design; the basket web form which improves flexibility; the 9-inch soft-core exercise ball; and leather scheme for durability between other features. You will find this glove is fit for both learners and young kids’ from3 to 5 years old.


  • Training ball is included
  • Fit for both young kids and the beginners
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Good quality leather


  • A bit small for bigger kids

5. Louisville Slugger 11-Inch FG Genesis Baseball Infielders Gloves

Louisville Slugger 11-Inch FG Genesis Baseball Infielders Gloves
Our Rating: 4.1 / 5

This glove has a traditional looks and you will find unbelievable features to make it one of the best gloves right now. Actually, a large numbers of the users both adults and youth confirm excessive performance and pleasure when using the Genesis Baseball in real match.

In order to make a right decision, you need to study every feature and relate with your truly needs. In this case, this is a greatly elastic glove that is made from first-class materials and is also durable that can last for years.


  • Extremely flexible
  • High-quality materials and durable
  • Specialize for youth


  • Too small
  • Proper for right handed


To conclude, with above short depiction of each youth baseball glove, you can study more and make a knowledgeable decision before buying anything for your kids. As this could be the very first gift to inspire your kids about baseball, choose wisely and make sure your children can use it to play with you.

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