The Ovilus & Paranormal Puck

What is Paranormal Puck?

The Ovilus (all versions) and the Paranormal Puck are devices created by the company Digital Dowsing that the paranormal community is using more often than not to try and communicate with “spirits”, despite the fact that neither the devices themselves have been proven legitimate nor have spirits been proven to exist, let alone, be able to communicate. It should be noted that on every single manual for their devices that paranormal investigators are using to “communicate” with the supposed dead, the company itself makes the following disclaimer “ For entertainment purposes only”. Furthermore, the company goes on to explain their device as the following (this was on all of the manuals):

Paranormal Puck

 “The OVILUS III (insert name of device for other models) uses what we call ECM or Environmental Communications Modes.

Some of our devices can create speech and text in this mode. So what is ECM? A method of taking energy levels in the environment and creating speech…nothing more! We make no claim as to spirit communications, aliens, ghosts or any other type of phenomena. Devices with this mode should be considered “for entertainment.” Why? Because there’s no person who can prove to a certainty what these messages are. Further, people need to take a rational, grounded approach to any device that creates speech or text. The power of suggestion is very strong! For the record, our devices do not use any type of random generator or sweep function. No algorithms employed to produce text or speech in a specific pattern.

Remember the odds of this device saying a word that is contextually correct is 1 in 2047

And in the units with phonetic speech the odds are only 1 in 71.

A lot of claims have been made about devices such as this. Simple math will tell you the odds are much better than you think! That it’s just coincidence and nothing more.” – quoted directly from their manuals.

Despite the fact that the very manufacturers that sell the product are telling you what you are getting is coincidence, paranormal teams are continuing to buy these products as tools of the trade, with little to no regard for what is actually being stated by the company itself.

How does the Paranormal Puck work?

So how do these devices actually work? If the device is taking readings from the environment (most likely EMF and/or temperature) and converting those readings into words, there is really no fundamental basis for why this would offer valid communication with any sort of spirit. There are a lot of assumptions that are created when relying on such a theory. First, it must be assumed that the spirit must have read the manual to know how the device actually works. Second, it would need to download the word listing so that it can manipulate the device by changing the energy to the precise word it wants. Since the precise level is unknown (and not printed in any manual or online that I have found), how does the spirit know exactly the level of energy it needs to send to the device and which word it is allowed to say (it is limited to only 2000 words. AUTHOR NOTE: You can view a copy of their word lists by going to their website at and clicking the support link).

Now that the newer devices have a phonetic option, this still leaves a lot to assumption, even more. The spirit must know exactly what level of energy the device is seeking for that particular phonetic part that it wants to use, and must change its energy to a different reading for another particular phonetic part. Those who are using the devices are not even aware of what those measurements and levels require for the device. This leaves any potential contextual hit merely coincidental.

After reviewing the list (again you can download the list yourself to review it), many of the words are what many would use in a paranormal research investigation in regards to their EVP questions. The device lists names, emotions, locations, actions, and objects. ..most of which would be conducive to questions being asked. The likelihood of getting a relevant response or even one that can be interpreted as relevant is far greater, depending on the question asked.

The bottom line is that this tool is not sufficient to provide any valuable data to the paranormal community, and any and all evidence utilized by this device is essentially useless. The device is no more of a communication device to the unproven spirit world than it is a toaster. It is a gimmick, a toy, a piece for entertainment and to have fun with. Using it as a legitimate tool for paranormal research is anything but useful.

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