How Safe is Your Baby When Sleeping?

Don’t you wonder how you managed to stay alive when sleeping as a baby?  My mother, aunts, grandmothers, and all women put their babies to sleep on their stomachs.  Fifty years ago, SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) was unheard of.

Approximately 4000 infants die each year all of a sudden when sleeping due to SIDS—accidental suffocation or causes unknown.

Generations have passed and we have learned new things about our sleeping babies today.

Some steps you can do to safeguard your baby and get some rest yourself.  I would hate to be a baby today without stuffed toys and blankets in my crib.  They can be dangerous, so here’s what to do.

  1. Baby in Crib, Firm MattressAt the top, no smoking around baby.
  2. Your baby should always sleep alone in his or her bassinet or baby bed.
  3. Never put your baby in bed with you; it’s too easy to roll over on baby suffocating your baby.
  4. Your baby should be put on his or her back with no pillows, sheets, blankets, quilts, afghans, comforters, or spreads of any kind.
  5. Do not use crib liners or bumper pads at the bars of the frame—baby can get stuck in between and die. They can get their little feet, arms, and legs stuck between the padding fracturing them.
  6. Never cover the baby’s face or head; even a knitted cap can become dislodged and cover baby’s face.
  7. Put baby in a onesie when it’s cold with long leggings and feet. The sleeves will be long and some have built-in mittens.
  8. Baby’s like their environment and temperature to be the same as yours. If you are hot, baby will be hot.
  9. Make sure the baby’s bed has a firm mattress with a tight fitted sheet over it.

Word of Warning

Babies die when in the wrong sleep places.  Babies die from many other senseless reasons as well.  The biggest abuse is shaking a baby!  Never ever never shake a baby!  If you are frustrated with your baby, take a hike, call a family member, neighbor, friends, but get it together for yourself for the life of your wonderful crying infant.

Baby Sleep with ToysBack to where not to let a baby sleep.

  • Sofas, couches, love seats
  • Recliners, bean bag chairs
  • On a full-size bed, even if it’s in the middle
  • Never let a baby sleep with kids, adults, dogs, cats, or other “things”

If you nurse or bottle-feed your baby in bed, put the baby in his or her crib to sleep.  Baby’s sleeping on their stomachs is good for them.  Be sure you are with your baby at all times when sleeping on tummy.  Sit in a chair and read for a while; when you leave the baby’s room, turn the baby over to be on the back.

Read more at the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) at their site here for more data and statistics that will inform you with any questions and concerns you might have.  This is a government website and you can be sure it is accurate.

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