Liopleurodon Facts

 Liopleurodon Facts
Liopleurodon may have been the biggest creature that ever lived, possibly as large or larger than the blue whale.

Liopleurodon Facts

Read on and check out our meaningful Liopleurodon Facts for your lovely kids. Learn how the Liopleurodon alive, when they appeared, where they lived and many useful information as following table shown.

Name Means
“Smooth-sided tooth”
Marine predator
Lived When
Late Jurassic (150 million years ago)
Up to 82 feet!
Up to 75 tons, perhaps even up to 150 tons!
Size, deadly dagger teeth the size of swords
Anything it wanted! Fish, squid and sea reptiles, ichthyosaurs, plesiosaurs and smaller pliosaurs.
Oceans, Europe, South America



What’s bigger than any dinosaur, even bigger than a sperm whale? the Liopleurodon!

Liopleurodon was a pliosaur. A pliosaur’s skull could be 1/4 of its body. Liopleurodon’s skull was 16 feet! This is longer than the entire body of many dinosaurs.

Liopleurodon had two pairs of flippers. The rear two were larger, which is different than most plesiosaurs. He may have used the back pair to go forward and the front for turning, braking and surfacing.

Liopleurodon’s teeth could reach 12 inches long!

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Q: Was liopleurodon larger than a giganotosaurus?

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