Essential Guides on How to Wash Pillows?


In general, just like other textiles in your home, pillows require occasional cleanings in order to remove dust, body oil and sweat. Cleaning or washing are very important for you, especially when pillows are one of the things we use the most. This can not only clean the pillows but also help protect yourself as well as other members in your family.

Nowadays, there are lot of types of pillows with different purposes such as body pillow or wedged shape pillow, some of them are even decorative in living house. However, the most common type is throw pillow and I’m pretty sure that almost every family has at least 2 or 4 of this type.

Throw pillows

Briefly, a throw pillow is a small, decorative type of pillows which can add a cozy element to your sofas, chairs or beds also. Therefore, you can totally place this comfortable pillow anywhere in your house you like.

But the problem is when you just use a body pillow while sleeping, you spend a lot more time with throw pillows since they can be on both beds and sofas. That’s the reason why they are more likely to become dirty magnets after a long time of being used.

Accordingly, you need to consider washing all the pillows in your own house, particularly your throw pillows. Of course, you can do it yourself but remember that a throw pillow may have a pillow insert which can be made of different materials such as memory foam and feather. Obviously, the washing method you used depends on the material of the throw pillows.

If you want to know how to wash them in a proper way, you need to know how to wash each type of them and here are some advice for you:

How to wash Feather Pillows in a Washing Machine

There is no doubt that feather pillows can be luxurious and soft but don’t forget to take care of them by washing at least once a year. Washing in a right way can help kill all bacteria as well as dust mites, thus, protect yourself from allergens. Furthermore, if washed frequently, you can clean off dirt, dust, sweat and even body oils.

1. Take it out of the pillow case

If your pillow is inside a pillow protector like a padded or zippered pillowcase, take it out of the case.

how to wash pillows
2. Check the pillow

Make sure that you have a check on the pillow to see if there are any tears or holes. If so, you need to sew them immediately before washing.

3. Put the pillow into the washing machine

It will be a good choice if you put 2 pillows into the washer at the same time, this can help things balanced better inside the washer. If your pillows are too big to fit the drum, just squeeze them to get the air out.

4. Pour a low-sudsing detergent into the washer

Remember to use less detergent than you normally use because the less you use, the less you have to rinse them. In addition, if you can, avoid powder detergent and use liquid one since powder detergent can cause skin irritations and allergies.

how to wash pillow with washing machine

5. Set the washing machine to delicate cycle

You’d better use hot water to kill dust mites living inside the pillows. However, extremely hot water can also cause damage to the feather in mind, however, that hot water may also damage the feathers. Thus, make sure to use warm or even cool water instead.

6. Squish the water out of your pillows with a towel

Now, after washing, it’s time for you to dry the pillows. Place a pillow between 2 towels and press down on it as hard as you can. This can help soak up extra water and do not twist or wring the pillow. Repeat this for the others.

7. Put those feather pillows into the dryer

Just choose a delicate cycle with a low- heat or no- heat setting, it depends on you. In details, low- heat will make the pillows dry faster, whereas the no- heat or air- only cycle may take you longer, but safe for the pillows.

dry pillows
Source: Lorraine Lea

In case you are using a low- heating setting, remember to use the air- only setting the entire time. This can prevent the pillows from overheating as well as getting ruined.

8. Add dryer balls to keep the pillows fluffy

If you have some dryer balls, add them into the dryer, but in case you don’t have them, just make use of clean tennis shoes instead.

9. Fluff your pillows right after you take them out of the dryer

There is likely to be some clumps inside the pillow. Therefore, hold them by 2 corners and then shake them up and down for a couple of minutes.

10. Once the pillows are completely dry, cover the pillows with clean pillow cases

If the feather pillows are still damp, just wait a little bit more if you don’t want mildew and rot to build up inside your own pillows.

How to wash Memory Foam Pillows

Unlike feather pillows, it is unfortunate that you can’t put this type in a washing machine. The reason why you should never use a washing machine for washing foam pillows is that the machine is too rough for sensitive memory foam. If you do that, you can completely ruin your pillows.

how to wash memory foam pillows
However, if there is a removable cover, you still can wash a foam pillow on your own according to the care instructions on its tag. Here are some basic steps for you:

1. Remove the cover

If the foam pillow has a sham or pillow case, take it off before washing. Some memory foam pillows have a zip- on protective cover which should be removed also and you need to wash these items in a washing machine separately.

2. Fill a tub with water

Fill a sink or tub with warm water and remember you just need enough water to cover the memory foam pillows.

3. Add detergent

Keep in mind that each pillow needs a tablespoon of liquid clothes detergents. Therefore, just determine how many pillows you are washing and then add an adequate amount of detergent into the water. Swirl it around with your hands so as to bubble it up so that it can be evenly mixed.

4. Wash your foam pillows

Place a foam pillow in the water and move it a little bit to help the detergent to make its way into the pillow. Massage and squeeze the pillow with your own hands in order to get dirt out as well as freshen it through the outer layer. When you’ve done with the first pillow, repeat this step with other ones.

5. Rinse the pillows

Place the pillows under fresh water. This is essential for you to get as much of the detergent or soap out as you can. Rinsing these pillows may take you much longer than washing them because you need to make sure that there is no soap left inside them. Or else, you are likely to have allergies or skin irritations.

6. Dry the pillow

Remember do not put memory foam pillows into a dryer because high heat levels can totally ruin them as well as cause them to crumble. Instead, just lay them out on a clean white towel one by one and if possible, you can dry them in the sun.

7. Check the pillows

No matter how you wash and dry your foam pillows, keep in mind that this pillow type is particularly susceptible to exposure to water for a long time. The reason is that they are made out of a sponge- like material, thus, there must be no water left inside. Otherwise, the pillows will definitely grow mildew and mold, which are very harmful to your health.,

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