How to Fix Double Click Mouse (Razer Naga)

fix double click mouseAre you having problems with your Razer mouse double clicking on single clicks and multiple double clicks? (Or any mouse for that matter?) Happened to me after about a year and a half worth of use. It is a fairly common problem with some pretty easy fixes that will extend your mouse’s life for a good while longer. The following guides will bring you to the step by step on how to fix double click mouse.

How to fix double click mouse

  1. Adjust your Double-Click Speed for your mouse. Control Panel -> Mouse for you Windows users. Select a slower click speed.
  2. Software fix: AutoHotkey. The program script to block unintentional double-clicks can be found here: Buggy-Mouse. What it does? It blocks double click signals that are too fast to be human.
  3. Open up the mouse and clean the button contact points. (I recommend this first.) The pictures below are from the second time I have done this. Previous cleaning lasted a few months before I noticed it starting to act up again.

Cleaning a Naga’s Left and Right Button Contact Points

 Step 1:

Remove outer sticker pad and the four screws.

The outer sticker pad and the four screws under it are the only things you have to remove to get inside of the mouse. When I did this the first time, the screws were extremely difficult to get out. I actually had someone hold the mouse so I could get enough torque on the screwdriver to turn and not strip the screw heads.

Alternatively, you could use a penetrating oil such as WD-40 to help free them.

Do not worry about the sticker, it can be cleaned and re-glued.

Step 2:

Remove top by lifting top from back to front.

There should not be much resistance in lifting up the back of the mouse. Even so, do not be afraid to give it force if needed. There are no plastic clips that are going to break.

After you get the back up, keep lifting towards the front. You may have to wiggle it a bit to get the front to let loose.

Step 3:

Spray contact cleaner into cracks around white button switch.

The two black boxes on either side with the white switches are your target.  Try to get the contact cleaner down inside by toggling the switch to work it in. Do not worry if you spray a little too much, it will evaporate quickly.

Repeat this process many times as you want to get those contact points clean so you do not have to revisit again in a few weeks.

Some final notes:

Work in the contact cleaner by toggling the switch. Repeat a few times.

You can find electrical contact cleaner in a big box store like Walmart (auto section), AutoZone, and Lowes. Do not bet on a store like Best Buy stocking it. However, RadioShack should have it.

Regarding Stickers:

If your bottom sticker pads are coming off, no problem. First, clean the old residue off with something. Alcohol, kerosene, WD-40, and citrus-based cleaners are all good to help with that. You might even be able to revitalize its “stickyness” by using a mild solvent to clean off some of the old residue.

For new glue, I would suggest something that will allow you to remove and reapply the sticker again without destroying it. As such, I would stay away from really powerful adhesives like crazy glue. Elmer’s Glue is an option; as is making your own sticker glue. There are a couple recipes I have found, but yet to try. Would love to hear how they work.


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