Buying Guide For The Best Shaving Cream For Women

Today, shaving issues are no longer only the men’s things. Women also use shaving method to remove their unwanted hair on the body. Therefore, issues like choosing the best shaving cream for women is not strange.

best shaving cream for women

Actually, shaving creams comes in plenty of brands, which makes women overwhelming when choosing the right one. Have your been really smart with your choices? Keep reading this article to know whether you have been well-armed with shaving cream-related issues or not.

Why women need shaving cream?


best shaving cream for women

Shaving is one the most effective way but less painful to remove unwanted hair on the body. However, when shaving, users do not need a razor alone. Shaving cream is a necessity to pair with it. Let’s see what the benefits of using shaving cream when shaving:

A Great Lubrication

Normally, our skin isn’t oily enough for smooth gliding the razor while shaving. It can cause the razor dragged instead of gliding. What worsen is it can cause cut while shaving. It is annoying! When applying shaving cream, the surface is no longer rough, but is slippery for each easy move of your razor. Especially when shaving on the contour of skin.

Replenishing the Moisture for Skin

Shaving cream contains great ingredients that can make skin moisturized like glycerin. These moisturizing properties prevents skin from being dehydrated. Plus, they help to nourish skin and leave skin soft and smooth after shaving.

Helping to Soften Solid and Thick Hair

On some areas, hair is thicker and coarser, which may makes the razor hard to cut off. When using shaving cream, the properties contained in the cream soften these stubborn hairs. They become weaker and softer, leading your shave easier to get close shave.

Reducing Risks of Experiencing Skin Problems after Shaving

It isn’t unusual to see irritation, rashes or razor burn after shaving. Especially, those who have sensitive skin are more likely to experience these skin problems when shaving without using shaving cream. However, most shaving creams come with properties that are able to prevent allergic reaction on skin, they are safer and friendlier to all types of skin.

What to consider when looking for shaving cream

Choosing products like shaving creams need to be more careful because we apply it directly to skin. The improper products you choose can harm skin. As the common symptoms we can see are rashes, itchiness and irritation. It means it is a necessity to ensure you choose a best shaving cream.

best shaving cream for women


It is certain your shaving cream should be safe to skin. However, what tells you this? Read the ingredients of the product. They are printed on its label. Normally, ingredients derived from natural ensure the safety. They are things as shea butter, avena sativa (oat) kernel extract, and sunflower seed oil. These are healthy ingredients and friendly to skin.

Especially, those who have sensitive skin need to pay more attention to the ingredients included in the product. People with this condition should avoid synthetic ingredients and chemical substances. Needing several names of them? They can be paraben, Propylene Glycol, Dimethicone and Sodium Benzoate. However, in case you can’t find out the ones that has no synthetic and chemical substances. The less synthetic and chemical substances it has, the better choice it is. It is simple!

Moisturizing formula

Most shaving creams contains moisturizing properties. They provides skin soft and smooth surface. A best shaving cream can keep skin moisturized longer after shaving. Also, most women obviously love soft skin. Therefore, bear in mind that products that has jojoba oil, shea butter, tocopheryl acetate or coconut oil are ideal to choose.


Hairs are not the same for all part of our body. There has some parts that grow coarser hair. The shaving cream you choose needs to ensure that has ability to soften these hair. Therefore, your shave can be done easily.

Harmful ingredients

Aside from natural ingredients, there are some synthetic and chemical substances often included in shaving cream. They can be not as healthy as natural ingredients but need to come with acceptable amount. Also, read the label carefully to ensure that there is no banned or potentially cancer-causing substances found in the ingredients.

Preventing razor bumps, irritation and ingrown hair

It is hard to know in advance whether the shaving cream you are going to use can prevent skin problems like razor bumps, irritation and ingrown hair. However, if it claims that the products are suitable for sensitive skins, you are also reduced risks of experiencing these problems.

Top best shaving cream for women

Actually, we have numerous brands for shaving cream for both women and men. Which brand that is a trusted one for best shaving cream for women? Also, what does a best shaving cream for women differentiate from those used for men? The fact is they don’t have many differences but the scent can be a matter.

1. Cremo Original Shave Cream, Astonishingly Superior Shaving Cream for Men, 6 Fluid Ounce (3 Pack)

Cremo Original Shave Cream, Astonishingly Superior Shaving Cream for Men, 6 Fluid Ounce (3 Pack)
Our Rating: 4.8 / 5

What first makes Cremo cream differentiate from others is that it has no air and trace ingredients. it only contains healthy and beneficial ingredients. Therefore, it is safer to skin. Plus, it helps to nourish and moisturize skin better. Especially, people who have sensitive skin can avoid some problems included irritation, allergy and razor bumps when applying this cream to skin.

Additionally, though it doesn’t lather up much like other shaving creams but when wetting your skin before applying Cremo, you can still see it foams a bit. For the better result, you should wash your skin with warm water for a minute before applying the cream. This helps to soften the stubborn coarse hair. The cream actually helps to help your glide easily and smoothly. No dragging of razor means smoother surface left after shaving.

Besides, for some, smell plays an important role in choosing shaving cream. They don’t love those that have overpowering smells. With Cremo, your shaving would be more comfortable. The smell is just light and nearly unscented. Ideally, it is well-packed to cause no leakage.


  • Healthy ingredients for safer shaving and healthier skin
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Helping your glide become smooth and easy
  • No unpleasant smell for more comfortable
  • Well-packaged
  • Suitable for both men and women


  • Difficult to clean the razor

2. Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel To Reduce the Incidence of Razor Bumps, 7 Oz

Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel To Reduce the Incidence of Razor Bumps, 7 Oz
Our Rating: 4.7 / 5

Aveeno is a best-selling shaving cream at this time. The nice thing of this cream is that it contains many natural ingredients that are safe to skin. Especially those who have sensitive skin. Actually, the cream has Active Naturals Colloidal Oatmeal and allantoin, two ingredient that has ability to sooth the skin. Plus, Tocopheryl Acetate and Sunflower Seed Oil are included, which has a great ability to provide soft feeling to skin.

Along with that, the unique blend of the formula also help to better protect your skin from being allergic or itchy. In addition, it is excellent at providing skin moisture. Therefore, your skin won’t no longer dry after shaving. Also, there are plenty of reviews say that, it can help them glide the razor smoothly. Therefore, it is easier to get close shave and reduce cuts and nicks. Aside from that, the product actually helps them to prevent razor burn. Ideally, the smell is pleasant, which will cause no uncomfortable feeling.


  • Containing healthy ingredients for skin
  • Having ability to prevent razor burn and irritation
  • Closer shaver due to smooth glide
  • Good smell
  • Reasonable price


  • Hard to rinse the cream off the razor

3. Coochy body rashfree shave creme - 16 oz Oh So Original

Coochy body rashfree shave creme - 16 oz Oh So Original
Our Rating: 4.7 / 5

There are many things to make Coochy a best shaving cream for women. First is about its ingredients. Because it contains jojoba seed oil, a popular ingredients in cosmetic products, it helps to moisturize skin. Plus, it has Panthenol Pro-Vitamin B5, which is also a great ingredient to keep skin healthy. These two ingredients would help you have smooth and soft skin.

In addition, razor bumps and irritation are those things often occur when shaving. However, when applying this cream, you are reduced the risks of experiencing them because Coochy contains no paraben and sulfate in the ingredients. They are much safer to skin. Especially those who have sensitive skin. Furthermore, Allantoin anti-inflammatory also included in the ingredients, which makes it more ideal for all types of skin.

Also, Coochy doesn’t have unpleasant smell. Its scent is mild and smells something like pear berry. Ideally, the product is made in USA, one of trusted place for shaving cream. Where part of body that this cream can be used? It is unisex type. Therefore, shaving bikini area, legs or beard are alright to use.


  • Great ingredients for smooth and soft skin
  • Containing no paraben and sulfate to reduce rash, razor bump and irritation
  • Allantoin anti-inflammatory for safer shaving
  • Mild scent for comfortable feeling
  • Suitable for both men and women


  • It doesn’t lather up
  • Rashes can occur for those who have super sensitive skin

4. Skintimate Skin Therapy Moisturizing Shave Cream for Women Sensitive Skin with Vitamin E - 10 Ounce (Pack of 12)

Skintimate Skin Therapy Moisturizing Shave Cream for Women Sensitive Skin with Vitamin E - 10 Ounce (Pack of 12)
Our Rating: 4.6 / 5

Skintimate is an amazing cream to use for your shaving. It has well-blended ingredients that are good for skin. It contains more moisture, which can replenish for your dry skin. Plus, it is also designed to be friendly for sensitive skin. Therefore, common problems that often occurs after shaving like irritation, rashes, and itchiness are reduced.

What else? It is creamy, it means when applying to skin, the razor will glide smoothly on the contour of skin. You also get closer shaver and there will be no cuts and nicks left as well. Besides, with Skintimate, it is suitable for both men and women because it has no girly scent.

When purchasing this item, you also get 12 cans in total, which is more economical. However, it still has some negative reviews from customers: first, the can will be getting rust over time placing in the shower. Second, with design of the bottle, it is hard to get the last amount of cream out of the bottle because you can’t manage to squeeze the bottle out. It is better to have upside-down design for the bottle, right? Third, it is not easy to rinse the cream with water with cold water, which causes the cream stuck the razor. Overall, this is still best shaving cream for women.


  • More moisture for skin
  • Reducing irritation and rashes
  • No unpleasant smell
  • Suitable for both men and women


  • Hard to rinse the cream off the razor
  • The can gets rusty over time

5. Eos Shave Cream Pomegranate Raspberry, 7oz EOS

Eos Shave Cream Pomegranate Raspberry, 7oz EOS
Our Rating: 4.3 / 5

The first nice thing to know about this cream is it can keep skin deep moisturized and nourished for 24 hours. That’s because the cream contains many natural ingredients that are good for skin. Among them are included butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), avena sativa (oat) kernel extract. Plus, tocopheryl acetate, a great ingredient often included in most cosmetic product, helps skin to be softer and smooth.

What else? When applying the cream, each glide of your razor can be done smoothly. Especially when gliding on the contour of skin. This will bring an amazing experience when shaving. Furthermore, because the cream can soften even the coarsest hair, the surface left after shaving will be smooth and clean. Nicely, a lot of reviews from the customer love the smell of EOS. It is not overpowering. This increases the comfort while using. However, for better use, you should rinse the razor with hot water. Plus, it is creamy but doesn’t foam.


  • Keeping skin deep moisturized and nourished longer
  • Helping your razor easier to glide on skin
  • Leaving smooth and clean surface after shaving
  • Great smell


  • It doesn’t foam
  • Still some synthetic and chemical ingredients, which may cause allergic to super sensitive skin
  • The cream causes the razor clogged up


The carefulness is never a waste when choosing personal care products like shaving cream. Especially, those with sensitive skin type need to be more careful unless you are willing to feel itchy after shaving because your skin is allergic to the product.
It means knowing what contains in the product is very important. Those are all things that the buying guide for best shaving cream for women want to offer. With that being said, hopefully, you will never experience any skin problems when using shaving creams.

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