A Complete Guides on Best Positions To Sleep – Sleeping Care

Sleeping is very important as it helps you recharge your energy after a long working day and improves your mental and physical health a great deal.

One of the most important factors that could affect the quality as well as quantity of your sleep is your sleeping position. A good one not only makes you comfortable but also supports your overall posture. In this article, I will recommend you some best positions to sleep as well as worst position to avoid.

Here are our best positions:

Sleeping In Our Back

best positions to sleep


Sleeping with the back will form a strange line of head, neck and spine. These body’s parts when align will form a neutral position for all night long. It means there is no pressure for the spine as well as the back. This sleeping position is therefore the best position when you have back pain.

By keeping your head in a higher level than your stomach, you will be able to reduce acid reflux.

Another advantage of this position is that it helps our facial appearance. When your face is at the front, there is nothing pushing against it and making wrinkles to appear.


One drawback of this position is that people tend to snore more often while sleeping like this.

Your perfect pillow: When you sleep in this position, make sure you have a pillow which is not too firm and not too soft. It should provide enough support without lifting your head too high.

Starfish Position

starfish sleep position


The starfish position is like the back position. The only different is you raise your arms above your head and shoulders when you sleep. So it also brings the same benefits as the back position including maintaining neutral spine alignment as well as reducing acid reflux. It also prevents facial wrinkles.


Sleeping in this position also makes you snore. Furthermore, with 2 arms raising high up your head there is more pressure on the nerves of your shoulders.

Your perfect pillow: You should also seek for a medium firm one such as memory foam or medium synthetic pillow.

On Your Sides

side sleeping positionPros

Sleeping on the side is good to reduce snoring by elongating your spine. Like sleeping on the back, sleeping on the side also makes the head stay above the stomach, which also reduce acid reflux.


Because part of your face will come in contact with the pillow so wrinkles may appear in the side of your face.

A perfect pillow: You will need 3 pillows for this position. Scientists suggest that if you are going to sleep on your sides, you need to have one pillow for your head, one for your waist and one for your knees so that all of these body’s parts can get support and maintain a neutral position.

On The Right Side And On The Left Side

There are certain pros and cons when you sleep on different sides. If you sleep on your left side, you are free from heartburn. And if you sleep on your right sides, these internal organs like the lungs, stomach and liver will not be affected.

If you are pregnant, the best position you should sleep in is on your left side. It will support the optimal blood flow to your baby as well as preventing your big tummy from putting too much pressure on your back.

The Worst

On Your Tummy

stummy sleeping positionSleeping on your tummy is not recommended because it brings many disadvantages rather than advantages.

Pros: This sleeping position could help you to reduce your snoring.

Cons: It doesn’t support the natural curve of your spine and neck leading to back and neck pain. This also put a lot of pressures on your joints and muscles which will sure make you feel numb and tingly the next day. Another disadvantage is that you will find it hard to breathe sleeping like this.

Your perfect pillow: You should look for flat and soft pillows such as down or feather pillows.

Fetal Position

(sleeping on the side with knees bent to your tummy)

worst sleeping position

Pros: The fetal position is one of the most common positions of all types as there are about 40% of people sleeping in this position. It is the most comfortable sleeping position that helps to reduce snoring and acid flux.

Cons: When the back curves too much, it will lead to unnatural alignment of your back and your neck, causing neck and back pain. It also hinders diaphragmatic breathing and creates wrinkles.

Your perfect pillow: You will need a soft pillow to support your overall posture.

Here are some most common sleeping positions. Overall, you could see that sleeping positions play a crucial part to support your body and your health. I hope that by reading this article, you will find a good sleeping position and try to avoid bad one to have the most comfortable sleep.

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