Choose The Best Pillow for Your Sleeping Style

You will never know how important it is to pick a suitable pillow just for you until you suffer from insomnia or back pain. In fact, a right pillow can help you to enhance your quality of sleep as well as your health.

There are many factors you need to consider when you search for the perfect pillow: sizes, materials, prices, to name just a few. One of the most important things is to choose the pillow that suits your sleeping styles.

Ask yourself a question about what is the most position you like to sleep in: on your back, on your front, or on your side. This will help to choose the best pillows that support your body. Furthermore, there are various details you should look at before purchasing one.
Here is general information about types of pillows for different sleeping styles:

Different Sleeping Styles will have Different Needs


Best Pillow for Your Sleeping Style

There are three styles of sleeping: back sleeping, front sleeping, and side sleeping. In which case, a good pillow needs to support the neck and head while maintaining the natural balanced line of your spine.

Back Sleepers

• They will prefer a pillow of medium thickness. Average thickness allows a neutral and comfortable neck position. Your head will also not upward too much. It also helps burden the pressure for the spin.

• Pillows should be able to support the cervical spine as well as neck and head support.

• Extra pillows under your knees will support your natural curve of your spine better.

• I recommend you go for high-fill down pillows, memory foam pillows, or medium synthetic pillows.

Side Sleepers

• They also need support for neutral and neck position. Avoid pillows which are too high or too low, so that spine could maintain a straight and natural line.

• Side sleepers need pillows that are higher and thicker than pillows of back sleepers.

• Another tip: when side sleeping, you should bend your knees and put another pillow in between them to support your spin. Do not put your upper leg in downward position to prevent distorting your spine and let your back rest comfortably.

• A firmer pillow will offer more support for your knees than a softer pillow.

• I recommend high-filled down pillow, memory foam pillow, or medium-high density synthetic pillow for side sleepers.

Stomach Sleepers

• Avoid having a pillow that is too high. Look for thin and flat pillows. High and firm pillows will cause your body to bend into a very unnatural shape, creating pain in both of your neck and your back.

• Some front sleepers prefer no pillows at all.

• To help support your spine, you could put a pillow under your tummy.

• I recommend down pillows, feather pillows, and low-filled synthetic pillows.

Main Differences Among These Pillows

different kinds of pillows

As I mention above, there are different types of pillows for different sleeping style, I will now go in more details about the differences among them:


Synthetic pillows are the cheapest types of pillows. Feather pillows are more expensive but the most expensive types are Memory foam pillows.


If you look for pillows that could last 5 -6 years or more, then feather pillows are the best choices. Down pillows and Memory foam pillows are also good investment in the long run. Synthetic pillows, on the other hand, are not that durable.


Although down pillows and feather pillows can get out of shape easily, they can spring back very quick. Memory foam pillows can hardly get out of shape. Synthetic pillows, however, can wrinkle easily.


The level of softness increase in the following order: Memory foam, Synthetic, feather pillow, and down pillows. And if you look for firmness in a pillow, memory foam pillow is your best choice.


Because they are the firmest among all types of pillow, memory foam pillows offer the best support while feather pillows and down pillows cannot do just as well. Memory foam pillows are also the best option when it comes to pain reduction ability.


While memory foam pillows are quite heavy, all other types of pillows- synthetic pillow, feather pillows, and down pillows are relatively lightweight.


Memory foam pillows are very hot at night because of their bad ventilation. Memory foam pillows also do not support air flow much. However, other types of pillows are quite cool and can ventilate well thanks to their materials.

Pros And Cons Of Each Type

In general, all types of pillows have pros and cons:

• Synthetic pillows

They are the cheapest and most versatile which suit all types of sleeping styles, from back sleeping to tummy sleeping.
They are not so durable and can get out of shape easily.

• Feather pillows

They are inexpensive, soft, and can last quite a long time. They are suitable for back and front sleeping.
They do not offer a lot of support for your neck and spine, so they are not the best choice for side sleeping. They can get out of shape easily as well.

• Down pillows

They are soft, light, durable, and offer luxury feel on your skin.
Down pillows do not offer much support and are the best choice for front sleeping. They are also quite expensive

• Memory foam pillows

They offer the best support to the posture of our body, especially if you are a back sleeper or a side sleeper. They feel smooth and firm, have good durability.

They have fixed height and do not ventilate well. They are also more expensive in comparison with other types of pillow.


At the end, no matter what your sleeping style is, a suitable pillow will help support your head, your neck as well as your spine. There are various types of pillow on the market. As long as you know well about your sleeping style, you could be able to choose the type of pillow accordingly.

I hope the general information in this article provides you some insights about what you should go with that suits your needs and these pillows’ characteristics and you will find it easier to purchase the most suitable pillow.

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