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Human beings nowadays are too busy with their own career and many other important things in their life. Therefore, sometimes they forget about their health and one of the typical examples for this is a sleep.

The ignorance as well as unawareness of the importance and benefits of a good night’s sleep will make your life harder. Now you may not understand why a sleep is important that much but this is completely true.

However, with this article, you can definitely know the secrets and solution to this issue so just take it easy and let’s find out.

The importance of a good night’s sleep

best memory foam pillows

Many of us always ignore the importance of a sleep that is the reason why sometimes we feel exhausted and tired while working or studying. In fact, sleep plays an essential role in good health both mentally and physically.

On the other hand, the damage of sleep deficiency may cause some chronic health problems. This also has a bad impact on how well you work, think, study, and even communicate with others.

The followings are some specific reason why a good sleep is very important to all of us.

Healthy Brain Function

In details, a good sleep will help your brain work more properly. While you are enjoying a nice sleep, your brain will have more time to prepare for the next day. Therefore, it is very helpful for you to learn as well as remember important information.

A good sleep can also help you pay attention better, make more precise decision and be more creative on the next day.

Physical Health

Besides mental health, a good sleep can also improve your physical health. For examples, sleeping is involved in healing as well as repair of your heart and blood vessels.

It also helps you maintain a balance of hormones inside your body.

Especially, sleep efficiency is very important to children because it can support their growth and development.

In addition, if you get enough sleep to, your immune system will be improved to protect you against harmful substances.

Daytime Performance

Finally, getting enough sleep can also help you function much better at working and studying through the next day.

How can you do your best at work while always feeling asleep or exhausted? That is the reason why people who are sleep deficient are less productive than others in any situation. It will take them much longer to finish their assignment and make more mistakes even in very subtle things.

As a result, deficiency of sleep is much more serious than you thought. Sometimes, it is not only about a personal level but also a larger scale.

How many terrible mistake are made just because the employees were sleep deficient, leading to even unintended consequences?

How many tragic accidents are caused by sleep deprivation of drivers?

For those reasons, you must have realized that sleep is vital but you are also confused about how to improve it. Don’t worry because we will provide you everything which is important for you to make your sleep better.

Why Memory Foam Pillows?

best memory foam pillow

That’s right, one of the keys to a better sleep is memory foam pillows. Are you surprised with the answer? But before moving onto memory foam pillows, you need to understand what memory foam is as well as its typical features.

In general, Memory Foam is a substance containing polyurethane which will become more pliable if this chemical is exposed to heat. That’s why any product made of this material can adapt itself to anyone’s shape. Therefore, memory foam is used for many different purposes such as mattresses, pillows, and many other products.

Thus, a pillow made from memory foam can easily support your neck and back by adjusting itself to your individual shape. Specifically, it will “mould” to your neck and head at the same time, providing a comfortable cradle for your head while you’re sleeping.

The differences between Memory Foam Pillows and other materials

types of pillows

Feather Pillows

This material has quills and it is the rigid plumage from the exterior of waterfowl. Feathers can range in size from just 1 inch to a few inches.

Therefore, feather pillows can be very warm and comfortable, but they can just provide very little support for your spine and neck.

Latex Pillows

Latex is a liquid with a milky white color, extracted from rubber trees. This material is obtained by tapping into the bark of the trees and then collecting their residual resin. This milky white resin contains small rubber particles which are dispersed in water.

Finally, they are converted into moulded pillows by adding specialized chemicals and fillers. The level of the added chemicals will show you whether the latex pillow can be considered natural or not.

Gel Pillows

Gel is made from Polyurethane and Silicone. It is not like a solid or liquid material but this substance can provide the benefit of the regulation in body temperature.

Furthermore, it can also help relieve pressure on your body. Therefore, gel is usually used for producing mattresses and pillows for its cooling ability.

Polyester Pillows

These pillows are filled with tiny polyester particles and filled to various heights and densities that will help alter the feel of the pillow. This used to be the dominant filling; however, In recent times high tech foams and latex have become more popular, largely due to being more resilient and offering better support.

Memory Foam Pillows (Viscoelastic)

The scientific name “Viscoelastic” results from added chemicals to polyurethane that increase the viscosity level of this pillow type, thereby increasing its density also. The memory pillow can be firmer in cool or softer in warm weather, depending on the chemicals added and its density.

Because the higher density viscoelastic foam can react to body heat, the pillow can adjust to any warm body in several minutes.

However, a pillow with lower density viscoelastic foam is quite pressure-sensitive so it can mould more quickly to the shape of your body.

Therefore, the main advantage of memory foam pillows is they can help achieve natural spinal alignment more comfortably and quickly than other types.

What make Memory Foam Pillows so Special?

A memory foam pillow can adjust itself to any body heat and weight.
Memory foam is also known as a temperature sensitive material and its temperature sensitivity will allow the pillow to adjust itself to the body heat and weight of the users.

Specifically, once the heat or temperature increases, the memory foam will immediately make the pillow softer and pliable to provide you a better sleep.

Achieve the most comfortable sleeping posture ever

memory foam pillows for different sleeping positions

If you have a sleeping problem, it is probably about the sleeping posture. The reason is that while you’re sleeping, your bones are likely to get in your way, making it difficult for you to sleep. That is the reason why you have to change your sleeping posture during the night and it’s not funny at all.

Fortunately, with a memory foam pillow, you don’t have to worry about this anymore. Because the pillow can help you attain the most comfortable posture by offering a comfortable spinal alignment once you lie on it.

Unlike many other types of pillows which can’t adjust properly to the shape your body, this one can make you feel comfortable with any posture. For examples, if you are used to lying on a side of your body, your shoulder will definitely press further than the rest of your body. That is why the areas between your shoulder and head will not be assisted by the pillow.

As a result, this will make you feel uncomfortable the whole night. The same thing will happen to you when lying on back, if your upper back is rounded, your neck and head will sit further forward. That is the reason why sometimes the neck is so painful on the next day. However, with a memory foam pillow, you head will be well supported thanks to its proper height.

Relieve body pain, aches, and soreness

relieve pain with memory pillows

Because Memory foam is also known as “viscoelastic” polyurethane foam. Technically, the word means once you apply a force on this material, it will immediately move to some extent.

On the other hand, it can also return to its original form once you remove the force. Furthermore, memory foam is referred to a temperature sensitive material so it will probably sink more if warmed up by your body temperature. It only takes a few seconds for the foam to mold to your shape even when you change your sleep posture frequently during the night.

Besides, if you’ re a side sleeper, the pillow will sink in at the point where your neck is. Thus, your whole upper body will be supported properly, but more importantly, your spine will remain straight while you’re sleeping.

In addition, the foam also help your body weight spread more evenly so the pressure on shoulder and head can be relieved on your . That’s why many people choose memory foam to reduce the symptoms of problems such as arthritis and neck or shoulder pain.

Reduce many symptoms of allergies

Another benefit of memory foam pillows which makes them special is the significant reduction in allergies symptoms. Basically, Memory foam is also produced for the purposes of preventing allergens. It is because the polyurethane that memory foam contains is made from inorganic fibers and these fibers won’t allow allergens to develop.

Hence, a memory foam pillow can be resistant to many types of allergies so it’s very good for your health, especially for children.

Best Memory Foam Pillows Reviews 2017

1. Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Viscose Rayon Cover

Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Viscose Rayon Cover
Our Rating: 4.8 / 5

In general, this product is very good for back and some side sleepers due to its traditional shape. At first, I thought it was a little useless because of its conventional appearance.

I was really impressed by this Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow. Because it not only gives me great support for my neck but also prevents allergens, which is very important to me.

Therefore, I’m sure that this pillow is completely safe and helpful for everyone, especially the ones who had to suffer from allergies before.

2. Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow
Our Rating: 4.3 / 5

This one is also a good product to help relieve your body pain, especially neck and shoulder pain, which I’ve had to suffered for years. That’s why a few days of sleeping with this pillow, I could feel my neck and shoulder pain was relieved significantly.

Besides, the standard size of this product can fit my own mattress perfectly, making me willing to sleep longer in my bed.

Moreover, it can also support neutral spinal alignment, thus, it can be the best choice for not only back sleepers but also side sleepers.

3. Classic Brands Conforma Memory Foam Pillow

Classic Brands Conforma Memory Foam Pillow
Our Rating: 4.3 / 5

This classic brands conforma memory foam pillow is very suitable for any medium sized mattress. Just like many other memory foam products, this one can easily relieve pressure points on your body.

The car accident 3 months ago still makes me suffer from neck and shoulder pain, especially in the morning. That is why I have to be careful with my sleep, and I chose this on the Internet. After the first week, I could actually feel the reduction in my neck and shoulder pain.

Another thing I really love about the product is the ventilation, which can help me stay cool over the night.

4. Memory Foam Tencel Pillow

Memory Foam Tencel Pillow
Our Rating: 4.3 / 5

If you have some problems with your sleep, this one may be the key for you to get a better night’ sleep. It is because the softness as well as a breathable microvented cover made with Tencel fabrics can give anyone great comfort.

Especially, this product is very beneficial for everyone, especially for people who have to experience neck or back pain. However, it’s not everything about this amazing pillow.

In fact, the real thing that makes me impressed is the ability to regulate temperature, therefore, help you stay cool during the night.

Furthermore, with this pillow, we don’t have to worry about allergies anymore because it’s hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.

5. Bamboo By Relax Home Life-Firm Bamboo Pillow

Bamboo By Relax Home Life-Firm Bamboo Pillow
Our Rating: 4.3 / 5

This Bamboo pillow is one of the most comfortable products so it can definitely give you a better sleep. When I first looked at this one, I thought it’s just like many other traditional pillows, but I was completely wrong. It is far more than that.

With the extremely soft pillow cover, you can feel the significant relief from issues of insomnia, snoring, neck and back pain as well as allergies.

In addition, the pillow can also mold to your own shape and any sleeping posture, therefore, it’s suitable for every type of sleepers.

6. Sleep Master Memory Foam Traditional Pillows

Sleep Master Memory Foam Traditional Pillows
Our Rating: 4.3 / 5

Simple but comfortable, these 2 adjectives can exactly describe everything about this traditional memory foam pillow. With this product, you will definitely get a better sleep due to the great support for your neck and head. After a few weeks of using this pillow, I think that it is very suitable for side and stomach sleepers like me.

Furthermore, its cover is also the important thing to make the product outstanding that much. The cover is made from poly-velour, therefore, it’s very soft and more importantly, removable, making it much easier for you to wash.

What to look for when choosing Memory Foam Pillows

choosing memory foam pillows

Types of Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam pillows don’t come in only one style. In fact, there are many different types of memory foam pillows designed to support your body, particularly the painful areas. For examples, if you have neck pain, a neck roll pillow might be the best for you.

However, if you like the feeling of being elevated while sleeping but still comfortable, it may be good for you to use a wedge. Thus, you need to choose the most suitable pillow, depending on your personal preferences so as to get the relief during the sleep.

Here are several types memory foam pillows for you to choose from:

Traditional Pillows

This type comes in the style of a traditional bed pillow. The traditionally styled memory foam pillow is very suitable for anyone who prefers the look or feel of a regular pillow.

However, in spite of looking like a regular one, this type of pillows still give you support like many other memory foam pillows. A traditional pillow also allows for airflow so you can stay cool while sleeping, which provides you great comfort.

Furthermore, an advantage of a traditional memory foam pillow is that it doesn’t attract allergens like dust mites like a traditional pillow does. That’s why it can generally prevent many allergy symptoms and this is especially helpful for your children.

Contour Pillow

Overall, a contour memory foam pillow looks like a pillow with a dip in the middle. While your head is cradled in the dip, the pillow can offer you great support, particularly for your neck. Although a contour pillow looks a little bit weird and ridiculous , it can actually give optimal support if you’re a back sleeper.

On the other hand, a contour pillow is also helpful for alleviating circulation, snoring and alignment of your spine, to give you a better sleep.

Especially if you usually wake up with a tense neck after a long sleep, this type may be the solution to your problem.

Neck Roll Pillow

A neck roll memory foam pillow is exactly what its name sounds like: a giant roll. The circular shape of this memory foam pillow can be a good choice for anyone that has to experience severe neck or lower back pain.

Neck roll pillow can be used in many different situations, such as while you are travelling on an airplane and in the car. It is because the type of pillows has a more solid shape as well as design than many others.

Besides, a nice memory foam neck roll can not only be used to relieve pain but also be used as a throw pillow on your couch. Therefore, it can also give you comfort when you relax, watch television and even work.

Egg Crate Pillow

An egg memory foam pillow is a memory foam pillow with little bumps on it for extra texture. At first glance, it seems to be uncomfortable, but in fact, the egg crate on its surface can actually provide you great support.

This special design also gives you extra ventilation for the airflow while you’re sleeping. This pillow type is usually available with the contour style of memory foam pillows so your neck and head will be well supported.

Specifically, an egg crate pillow may be the best for back and side sleepers. Once you lie on it, these egg crates can be a little firm at first so you may feel uncomfortable to some extent.

But the firmness is very important in many cases, especially when your body needs a lot of support. However, a few minutes later, these egg crates will mould to your head and neck, therefore, providing you great comfort.

V-Shaped Pillow

A V- shaped memory foam pillow is a very good one if your neck really needs to be more supported. This pillow type is also comfortable for stomach sleepers because it can fit right into your neck and head perfectly.

Wedge Pillow

A wedge memory foam pillow can prop your body up and looks like a big wedge. It has a special design with the smaller end under your upper body and the large side under your head. This will not only elevate your upper body but also help alleviate acid re-flux, snoring, heartburn, and increase circulation.

In addition, a wedge pillow can also be used for the optimal comfort while you’re relaxing, or watching TV even in a sitting posture.


Generally, the prices may not be too expensive but when it comes to buying any product, you need to make sure that it’s worth your money. Memory foam pillows vary in price and it depends on many factors such as the shape and size. That’s why you need to care about the price before buying one. Therefore, remember that different stores offer different prices so you should choose a store with the most competitive prices on the market.


The size of the memory foam pillow you want to buy has to depend on the size of your mattress. For examples, a king size bed sheet is always accompanied with very large pillow cases. Therefore, you have to buy large pillows to fit your bed sheet.

However, you may feel this king size pillow is too big and even functionless. In this case, you can buy 3 queen or standard size pillows which can well spread on your bed.

Sometimes, you need to buy pillow cases separately to make sure that your pillows will match your bed sheets.

Pillow Firmness

There is always a great concern in the shapes and the sizes of memory foam pillows. That’s why sometimes, the pillow you purchase doesn’t have a good firmness which is soft and supportive.

Hence, it is recommended for you to buy a pillow with higher density foam, especially when you need more comfort to relieve pain as well as aches.

Pillow Covers

There are some special memory foam pillows which can be unzipped such as velour and terry pillows. With these types of pillows, you will never need any cover and they still work the best without it.

However, you can completely add a cover to your current pillow on your own. Because a pillow cover will not only give you extra comfort, but also help prevent staining of your pillow, maintain its origin color over time. Which material is used to make your pillow covers will depend on your preferences.

Furthermore, the way you choose a pillow cover material will also depend on how easy the material is to clean.

Pillow Comfort

One of the most important things that makes a good pillow is your personal preference and taste. Because a memory foam pillow may be very comfortable for you but not for others.

Different people have different preferences in a pillow so you just need to buy anything you think is the best for you. Since once you are happy with a product, you can feel all the benefits it brings to you.

More importantly, it is about your sleep, so if you’re not comfortable with your pillow, you will never get a good sleep as you wish.

In addition, the surface of a pillow can also be the source of its comfort. That’s the reason why many people prefer a pillowcase with a smooth, cool feeling (like cotton) while others prefer warmth (like flannel), and so on.

Pillow Fine Tuning

Overall, a pillow is good if only it can conform to your changing sleep postures and support the weight of your upper body, particularly the head. This can become true with a new technology like memory foam.

A pillow made of memory foam can adjust itself to your own shape and curves as well as your sleeping position.

Besides that, a memory foam pillow can also alleviate pressure points on your body, giving the great support during your sleep.

Pillow Durability

In fact, even a high quality supportive memory foam pillow can only last a few years before you need to replace it. More specifically, cotton-filled or cheap polyester pillows can only last a few months because they basically lose their oomph and can’t bounce back over time.

Therefore, if you want to buy a pillow with a high durability, just look for reputable manufacturers, who usually offer you longer warranties. But over time, every pillow will definitely begin to lose its firmness and one day can’t support your body properly anymore. When that day comes, you have no choices but buying a new one.

Your Favourite Sleeping Position

Which memory foam pillow you choose depends on not only the features of the product but also yourself. In details, it is about your favourite sleeping position which is one of the most important things to consider when buying a pillow.

So what is your favourite Sleeping Position?

Back, sides or stomach?

Once you can decide which is your preferred sleeping position, it becomes much easier for you to choose the right pillow.

Pillows for Side Sleepers

In general, sleeping on one side is the most common posture of all time. If you are a side sleeper, you should focusing on supporting your spine with a neutral alignment. Thus, if you want to buy a pillow, it has to fill in the space between your mattress and your head as well as your neck.

In some cases, your neck is much thinner than your head, thus, a contour pillow as mentioned above will be the best for you.

But if your neck and head is similar in width, then you may get great support from a traditionally shaped memory foam pillow.

However, when you have a baby, there is no need to buy a pillow until his shoulder width increases beyond their head width.

Pillows for Back Sleeper

After side sleeping position, now we move on to the second most popular one- back sleeping position . Pillow height is critical.

In details, the more rounded your upper back is, the more your head sit forward of your upper back. In that case, you probably need a pillow which is high enough to prop up your neck.

Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

Basically, stomach sleeping is not good because of the continuous rotation of your neck. With this posture, you always look over one shoulder for hours.

Therefore, this can compress one side of your neck and over-stretch the other at the same time, causing neck stiffness and pain. That is the reason why you may feel so sore and uncomfortable in this area on the next day after a long sleep.

Final Thoughts

A good night’s sleep is very important for all of us. That is the reason why we all need to care about it in order to improve both mental and physical health. Fortunately, memory foam pillow is one of the many ways for you to get a better sleep. If you buy a right pillow, it will not only help you sleep better but also help relieve painful areas of your body. However, it’s not easy like going to a random store and buy one. In fact, to do this, you have to consider some main factors and they are already mentioned for you above.

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