The Ultimate Guides for Buying the Best Mattress Topper 2017

Back pain can result directly from an old sagging mattress including specific painful medical conditions.  Know that a mattress and mattress toppers will offer great support for those people with stenosis and other chronic low- and mid-back pain.  Your back muscles and spine must have support and good posture and exercise helps decrease pain.

The toppers provide even more comfort and the best ones are made of latex foam and memory foam.

Types of Mattress Toppers

Memory Foam

best memory foam mattress topperMemory Foam-molds to the curves of your body for a superior restful night’s sleep.  It is not too firm and you will sleep relaxed and contented.  All sleepers whether on your back, side, or stomach, will appreciate their comfortable and restful sleep with memory foam.  Your feet, legs, and hips are all supported with your entire body being supported.  These are used in hospital and professional settings to put a stop to bed sores.

Latex Foam

best latex mattress topperLatex Foam-is made from rubber where memory foam comes from different types of plastic.  It is firm, durable, and springy reverting to its original shape when you get off it.  It wears well and does not tear.  The largest provider of latex is the company Latex International that makes Talalay® a manufacturing process for fabricating soft and firm support that breathes and is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.  This type latex is good for people with allergies and asthma that stays cool never becoming hot.

Memory foam and latex foam mattress toppers will give you comfort conforming to your body relieving pressure points for people with joint and back pain.  These materials provide you with unbroken sleep with pleasant dreams.

The two foams differ in that memory foam springs back to normal gradually.  Latex foam springs back immediately.  Memory foam depends on your body heat to soften and mold it.  Latex foam conforms to your body shape instantly.  Both are inherently anti-microbial and will resist dust mites and mold.  This makes these two types perfect for people with allergies and asthma.

Purchasing Considerations for Latex and Memory Foam

To reduce your back pain, check for the density and thickness of the foam.  Be sure to look for the ILD (Indentation Load Deflection) that tells you the softness vs firmness of the topper.  Height can be graded from 1 to 6 inches and density can be graded from 2 to 6 pounds.  An ILD of 15 or below for memory foam and an ILD of 28 or below for latex foam are satisfactory.

Feather and Down Toppers

Duck-Feather-Down-TopperFeather and Down Toppers-are well known for their coziness and softness.  Some are made of different feathers or down blends made from geese and ducks.  They come in different levels of softness that will go on top of your current mattress.  If your existing mattress feels too firm, put a down topper on it.  You will still have the support of your mattress with an extra layer of cushioning.  These will help regulate your body temperature better than latex or memory foam.  Feathers and down do not retain heat.  It will feel comfortable and cool.  The down topper is easy to clean at the dry cleaners.  Some brands can be machine washed, but I would never do it.  They are hypoallergenic and antibacterial.  Down is less expensive than latex and memory foam.  Feathers are not durable and will eventually flatten.

Wool Toppers

best wool topperWool Toppers-are as a rule successful at making a firm mattress soft.  They are cool and dry during the summer and are warm during the winter being very sturdy and long lasting.  They are fairly expensive and might not give as much cushioning as people would like.  To keep the loft, periodic fluffing, and shaking is required.  Wool tends to have a farmyard odor and it goes away.  The rival products are feather/down and fiber toppers.

Wool toppers are easy to move on offering no resistance.  It does not make a noise when compressed by your body.  Depending upon size, they are easy to handle, lift, and move weighing from 4 to 12 pounds.  They are lighter than most toppers.  They are soft and romantically friendly.  The support is not as good as memory foam or latex for back pain.  They can be washed or spot cleaned, but the dry cleaner is the preferred method for cleaning wool.

Fiber Toppers

Fiber Toppers-are quite commonplace and usually made of polyester or synthetic fibers, cotton, or silk.  They provide comfort and are not expensive.  Of course, organic cotton and other fibers including silk will be more costly.

They have limited support over an existing mattress with less life expectancy than latex or foam.  They tend to have lumpy spots so will need fluffing regularly.  Polyester compositions, sometimes called down alternatives, are quite popular, not expensive, and are comfortable.  Cotton provides moisture wicking and loft.  Organics tend to avoid chemicals in processing.  Silk provides cooling and durability.

Fiber toppers can be considerably flat at 0.5-inches or less.  They can be very soft and fluffy at 3- to 4-inches or thicker.  Fiber density can be measured in a different way.  The more compact and thick the filling, the better the topper will be durable and supportive.  After time, all fiber types will compress somewhat, so do not purchase one that is too thin that will have an effect on comfort.  These toppers can be filled more loosely similar to wool and feather mattress toppers.

Egg Crate

best egg crate topperEgg Crate-delivers ventilation with airflow by using ventilation holes.  This gives you a cool topper where your body heat is scattered throughout the topper quicker.  This is the prominent feature of this type of topper.  They have bumps and look similar to an egg carton and relieves pressure on joints.  It also helps with back pain.  The toppers go over an existing mattress, are lightweight and easy to roll up to take with you.

They are made of memory foam and vary in price in different thicknesses.  Smaller sizes are great for camping and traveling.  Egg crates are not as durable as other types and can become warm.

Best Mattress Topper Reviews 2017

1. Memory Foam Solutions Mattress Topper, Queen

Memory Foam Solutions Mattress Topper, Queen
Our Rating: 4.8 / 5

Made in USAMemory Foam Solutions makes premium foam mattress toppers for exceptional comfort and pressure point relief and are inexpensive.  It will revitalize your existing mattress or pillow top that has lost its comfortable feeling to your body.  Once again, more evenly distribute your weight with this topper.  It has excellent air circulation so that you stay cool all night through.  The queen size mattress topper is 3-inches thick with 4-pounds of density.  This visco elastic topper is manufactured and packaged in the USA.

The topper is environmentally friendly with its PurGreen Certification.  What this means to you is that the topper is made in the USA meeting EPA standards for safety and are BPA-free.

PURGreen Certification

It will come to you compressed and vacuum-sealed.  When you open it, lay it out to decompress for a few hours or days.  This topper has no toxic materials such as formaldehyde or PBDE (polybrominateddiphenylether).  It can have a smell for a short time and it disappears.  It is bare foam that lies on top of your mattress and is covered by your fitted sheet or purchase a cover for it.  The topper sits on your mattress securely and will not shift.  You can use your electric blanket and mattress warmer with this foam.

The high-density open cell memory foam weighing 4 pounds means it weighs 4-pounds per cubic foot.  This gives you better support and contouring to your body while maintaining the ‘memory’ of the foam.  It is also more durable lasting longer than 3-pound foam.  Back, side, and stomach sleepers find relief from low back pain with a good night’s rest.  You will never feel your partner’s motion.  The ILD range is 10 to 15.

The foam topper is available for 3-inch thick twin, twin XL-large, full, queen, king, and California king.

The queen mattress topper is 78-inches long x 58-inches wide x 3-inches thick and weighs about 30 pounds.  The topper will support a 400-pound person.

The Memory Foam Solutions topper comes with instructions and a 3-year Limited Warranty for 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and you register your topper on the manufacturer’s website.

Sleep Innovations® Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Queen

Sleep Innovations 2-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Queen
Our Rating: 4.7 / 5

The Sleep Innovations® 4-inch plush gel memory foam topper will have you feeling as if you are sleeping on a cloud!  It is composed of 2-inches of cool gel memory foam topped by 2-inches of soft and white baffled quilted cozy fiberfill top.  It is made and packaged in the USA.

The cover is washable on the cold gentle cycle and will go into the dryer on low heat.  The topper is good for side, stomach, and back sleepers for a good night’s sleep.  Do not put it on a flat surface or the floor.  It will maintain its shape and will not disturb you when your partner gets up or turns over.  The gentle support is wonderful for pain relief easing pressure to joints and your back.

Use this over your existing older mattress, box springs, ventilated platform foundation, sleep number bed, or a pillow top mattress as well.  Add a sheet and your comforter and you are all set for pleasant dreams.  You can purchase a cover for it for additional protection.  The manufacturer, Sleep Innovations®, does not currently sell the cover and considers doing that in the near future.  There is no zipper; it is tufted/quilted and goes to both sides.  Put a waterproof cover over it to keep it clean.

The contoured side of the topper can be used for a lighter huggy feel, yet both sides are comfortable.  Try both for your best sleeping experience.  The tag on the pieces states that the blue foam is 75% polyurethane foam, 25% polyester fiber and the quilted topper is 100% cotton with 100% polyester stretch for securing to your mattress.

The foam topper is available for 4-inch thick twin, full, queen, king, and California king.  You might receive the 2 pieces separately at different times.  Let it air out for a few days and relax after unrolling.  The white quilted topper is not waterproof.

The queen mattress topper is 80-inches long x 60-inches wide x 4-inches thick and weighs about 24 pounds.  The topper will support a 300-pound person.

The Sleep Innovations® topper comes with instructions and a 3-year Limited Warranty for 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and you register your topper on the manufacturer’s website.

3. DreamFoam Bedding® Ultimate Dreams Talalay® Latex Mattress Topper, Queen

Ultimate Dreams Queen 3
Our Rating: 4.6 / 5

Rubber TreeThe Ultimate Dreams 3-inch thick bamboo topper made by DreamFoam Bedding® is made using the Talalay® process for natural foam rubber latex that comes from nature’s rubber tree.

Your body will feel snuggled into luxury sleeping on this topper!  It bounces back to its normal positon after getting off it.  Compared to traditional foam and fiber materials, Talalay® latex will give you even more pressure relief.  When your mattress is a bit saggy but the budget will not permit a new one—and they are not cheap—consider a mattress topper for a 3-inch layer of softness and firmness that will give you the pressure point and joint pain you might have due to a sagging mattress.  The soft latex will give you 19 ILD while the medium will give you 28 ILD.  The firm topper ILD number is 36.

Made in USAJoints and back pain will be gone and latex is good for people with allergies.  This topper will never sag or flatten out, bunch up or slip and slide.  It is manufactured in the USA.

Bamboo CoverA natural bamboo fabric encloses the topper for a nice feel and protection of the foam.  The cover is not washable.  You will not have that sinking feeling yet it will contour to your body for soft and soothing comfort for a superior night’s sleep.  Talalay® latex provides 33% more pressure relief and is 4 times more breathable than memory form or polyurethane.  You will love it!

The foam topper is available for 3-inch thick twin, twin XL, full, queen, short queen, king, and California king.  Let it air out to lose the new smell for a few days and relax the material after unrolling.

The queen mattress topper is 79-inches long x 60-inches wide x 3-inches thick and weighs about 33 pounds.  The topper will support a 300-pound plus person.

Ultimate Dreams Talalay® topper comes with instructions and a 3-year Limited Warranty for 100% customer satisfaction.

4. Bio Sleep Concept® Organic Wool Mattress Topper, Queen

Bio Sleep Concept Organic Wool 3-Inch, Queen Size Mattress Topper
Our Rating: 4.6 / 5

The Bio Sleep Concept® 3-inch thick topper enhances your sleeping comfort on any mattress even with springs.  It has an organically grown cotton cover and it is filled with pure natural animal ECO-VALLEY Wool, grown in the great northwest USA.  Organic wool and cotton bedding products are chemical free.  The handmade topper is well appointed made of 100% organic sateen and is hand tufted with double needle stitching making it very durable.  It is not baffled and has 4 layers of lofted wool.  The topper is made in Oregon, USA.

Wool is flexible and supple making this topper support your weight naturally being evenly distributed for pressure point and joint pain.  Your body will fit and be snug for you to be therapeutically warmed by it eliminating stiff and sore muscles with this Bio Sleep Concept® wool topper.  You will have no moisture anywhere, no dust mites, mold, or mildew and the topper is naturally hypoallergenic for those who suffer from asthma and allergies.  It breathes and is flame retardant for your safety.  The wool topper does not shed and is intelligent enough to be warm during the winter and cool in the summer.  The batting inside does not shift having stitching every 12- or 15-inches to hold it in place.

The manufacturer suggests dry cleaning and to put in the sun to air out the wool to refresh.  You can also use it in your clothes dryer for 15 to 20 minutes on air fluff with no heat.  Heat will shrink wool.  Your existing mattress will have increased comfort and the deep plush pillow top will feel like you are on a cloud.

The foam topper is available for 3-inch thick twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king.  Let it air out to lose the new smell for a few days and relax the material after unrolling.  The queen size topper weight about 18 pounds and will support a 300-pound person.

The mattress topper dimensions are:

  • Twin: 38-inches wide x 74-inches long x 3-inches deep with 10-pounds of fill
  • Twin XL: 38-inches wide x 80-inches long x 3-inches deep with 12-pounds of fill
  • Full: 54-inches wide x 74-inches long x 3-inches deep with 14-pounds of fill
  • Queen: 60-inches wide x 80-inches long x 3-inches deep with 18-pounds of fill
  • King: 76-inches wide x 80-inches long x 3-inches deep with 24-pounds of fill
  • Calif King: 72-inches wide x 84-inches long x 3-inches deep with 24 pounds of fill

The Bio Sleep Concept® topper comes with instructions and the Warranty only applies to the original purchaser of this latex mattress topper.  This topper is guaranteed against defects in materials (other than covering materials) and workmanship for 10 years – 5 years non-pro-rated and 5 years pro-rated.

5. Millsave Goose Down Mattress Topper Featherbed, Queen

Our Rating: 4.3 / 5

The Millsave 5-inch deep queen size baffled feather bed is oh so comfortable that you will never want to get up.  The cover is white, is made of 100% cotton, and is a 300-thread count to keep feathers in.  The 550-fill power provides the highest loft for comfort and support.  Do put a sheet on top to hold it in place with the corner straps.  The baffles prevent slipping with 5-inch side reinforcement.

The inside is 5% goose down and 95% goose feathers with high fill weight of 21.6 pounds as opposed to others on the market with less.  The topper will provide super softness to existing firmer mattresses.

The queen size is 80-inches long x 60-inches wide x 5-inches deep and weighs 27 pounds, is made in China and shipped from Wisconsin, USA.  Be sure your measurements are correct because handling this product to ship back is laborious and expensive to ship.

The featherbeds are made exclusively for Millsave, so do not be fooled by imitations sold by others.  Choose Millsave when checking out on®.

Dry clean only!  Spot cleaning can be done for small stains.  Take it to a laundromat where the dryers are huge to fluff up.  You can air it out in the sun as well.  Do not wash in commercial machines.

The Millsave goose down mattress topper comes with instructions.  Warranty information is unavailable.

Consider the additional features

If your mattress is not hypoallergenic and you could not afford one, worry not. You can always invest in the best mattress topper that has the same properties. After all, it is going to be much cheaper. There are also other features that you can consider that include odor eliminating properties. These offer a great and protective layer that is between you and your mattress. This allows you to have a fresher scent for longer and better sleep.

Ease of cleaning

The best mattress toppers are notorious for crumping up and becoming quite small especially when you throw them into a washing machine. Because of this, cleaning them can be quite a concern because you do not want something that is too challenging when it comes to cleaning. While there are a variety of methods that you can use to clean up the mattress topper it is always a good idea if it is simpler.


Finally, comes the price. It is not a good idea for your buy to be completely determined by price but at the same time you do not want to be exploited. This is why in most cases unless you are working with a tight budget, the price will always be considered last.

After cross checking the mattress topper that you are buying with this checklist, you can rest assured that you will be making the best possible choice with no worries whatsoever.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to sleep, we all want it and we want it to be comfortable for our bodies.  Please read customer reviews to have a better idea of how users find their experience with mattress toppers.  Our reviews are completely unbiased.  Mattress toppers are less expensive than a new mattress; however, they are not free, so be concerned with the product line and your budget.  Happy shopping and a peaceful night’s sleep.


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