Helpful Buying Guide For The Best Machete 2017

Do you have any ideas for choosing the best machete? There are many options for types and prices when choosing machete, right? To help you choose the right one you need, but doesn’t break your bank, we offer a guide for buying best machete.

There are plenty of information included in this guide, from types to list of best machetes available on the market. We also list the pros and cons of each model, which help you to make a decision for your purchase. Certainly, all of the reviews we provide do not depend on our own opinions and thoughts alone. They are the results of after having read many reviews from the customers. It means there is no bias or favoritism.

What Is a Machete?


best machete

A machete is a cleaver which is used as a knife but has ability to cut or chop sturdier objects. Normally, machetes have a thick robust blades. Their blades range from 10 – 20-inche length and 0.12-inche thickness. Also, the thickness of blade are usually uniform, instead of having pointy tip. Due to the unique design, machete are quite heavy.

Plus, machetes can be made of different steels or metals, depending on each local. However, to increase the quality of machetes, most modern types that are available on the market are made of high carbon steels. With this type of steel, machetes are often heavier than other metals. Still it provides enough comfort to hold and swing with one hand.

Differences from Knife and Sword

Machete vs Knife

Basically, machete is used the same as knife, meaning it works as a chopper or a cutter. However, the differences between the appearances make them different purposes of using. Knives often come in small size of blades, and have pointy tip. Because the blade is smaller, it works well when cutting or chopping objects like food, and mostly knives are used in indoor.

Machete vs Sword

Machete is a descendant of sword, it still have many features that make a sword useful. However, there are some differences. Machete is mostly designed with flat blade and uniform thickness from hilt to tip. Meanwhile, swords are often longer and the part of blade near the handle will be thicker than the rest.

Plus, machetes have wider and blunter tip. For the swords, the tips are usually pointy and have steel d-guards or bell guards. Similarly, the purposes of using are also different. The swords are usually used as fighting weapons or self-defense devices rather than being cutters used in agricultural works. In reality, it seems, it is very rare to use swords for agricultural works.

Its usages

The primary purpose of a machete is cutting and hacking. It is an excellent to use as agricultural tool. Besides, this is also a useful tool to carry with when going hiking, trekking, camping and mountainous activities.


Due to the broad blade, it is efficient to be used in some works like clearing underbrush, bush, cutting down small trees, and pruning the branches. In addition, using machetes will provide greater performance than using knives, when needing a butchering tool.


Though it is not encouraged in many countries, still, many people uses this as a fighting weapon and a self-defense tool.

Types of machete

Machete doesn’t come in one unique design. Through long history, it has evolved, and today it has several shapes and sizes. That’s because they need to suit different requirements. The varieties of machete make them use a wider range of uses and environments.

Barong machete

best machete

Barong machete is sometimes called rawit or moro barong. As the unique design, Barong machete has elongated-leaf blade and pointy tip. Plus, the edge is curvier than than the back side. Along with that, the handle is curvy for better grip. Normally, Barong machete is widely used in Philippine.

Billhook machete

best machete

The name may come from the shape of machete, the blade is curved downwards and it looks like a bill of a bird. Billhook is ideal to be used as a forestry and agricultural tool. Especially, it is best took for cutting buds.

Bolo Machete

best machete

Bolo Machete is originated from Philippine. In World War I, II, it was used as a weapon and self-defense tool. However, today it is widely used in crops and forestry activities. Usually, Bolo has a thick blade, and a convex edge. Along with that, the blade has a gravity at the center. Due to this unique feature, the machete is best used for slitting small wood, and harvesting crops like soybeans and cracking coconuts.

Bowie Machete

best machete

This machete comes in light weight and powerful blade. Plus, the blade is narrower from hilt to tip. For these features, it provides an excellent performance for chopping or slashing.

Bush Machete

best machete

The blade is pretty broad, thick and straight. Plus, it features a full tang. Due to the big size, Bush machete is heavy but offers a great performance for certain tasks.


best machete

Kukri is a popular machete used as self-defense tool in central Asia like India, Nepal and Pakistan. The unique curve of the blade makes it ideal for three tasks: chopping materials, carving, and whittling tasks.

Elements to Choose the Best Machete

Like any other products, choosing the best machetes also needs the understanding about them including types, models and different features of each model. Also, the differences between them will be best used for some certain purposes. Here are some elements to consider when looking for a best machete.


People may have different favorite for length, which means there is no ideal length for blade. As for convenience of use, the shorter length, the less cumbersome. For clearing bush and branches, it needs to be longer.


Each material provides different features for sharpness, toughness, edge retention and corrosion-resistance. Plus, material for blade also determine how easy to sharpen the blade. Commonly, carbon steel is a great quality used as the material for blades.

But if needing a blade to keep good edge holding properties and high corrosion-resistance. Those are made of ATS-34 high carbon steel. This type contains chromium with additional amounts of molybdenum. The downside is hard to re-sharpen. Meanwhile, the steel that contains lower chromium will be easier to sharpen the blade.


There is no one unique shape as a guide for choosing machete. This completely depends on your purpose of uses. You may need to read the aforementioned information of each type and its best tasks.


Normally, the machetes are designed with thick blades. Just bear in mind, thick blades works better for cutting hard objects like woods, slitting woods, peelings bark of tree, cutting down small trees.


Apparently, this feature determines the comfort while holding in all conditions. There are some models that has deep grooves and curvy shape. These are useful for insecure using.


The tang is a part that a handle is affixed. The shape and the length of the tang varies from machete to machete. There are five common types included full tang, skeletonized tang, partial tang, narrowing tang, and stick tang. The full tang is the most durable of all. It is less likely to break and loose when machete is used over time.

Top 5 best machetes reviews

Having a list of best products is helpful, we are easier to make a decision. For that reason, we have collected all the best machetes, which are widely used and trusted by plenty of customers. They comes from all sizes, shapes, and prices for easier to choose. Also, which task each one will provides best performance is also included.

1. Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri

Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri
Our Rating: 4.8 / 5

Kabar is made of one of best quality steel – carbon-steel. The great pros of using this material is the sharpness of the blade, which is excellent. Plus, the material also provides the necessary toughness for the blade. Along with that, to increase the ability of cutting task, the blade is designed with an 11-1/2-inch thickness. That’s why it is ideal to use for chopping or cutting solid objects like splitting woods, building shelters and cutting branches. It bites deeply.

The design of Kabar comes in unique curve. With this design, it is helpful in some certain tasks like splitting woods but may be hard a bit to sharpen on a stone. For the overall length, it comes with 17-inche length, which makes it comfortable to hold it with one hand. Plus, the knife comes with full tang.

Besides, the handle features deep grooves, a necessity for great grip while using. Though it may be heavy a bit, causing tiredness when holding for long but the thickness makes it easier to cut woods, branches and clear the campsites. The last things is it comes from Taiwan.


  • Great quality carbon steel for sharp and solid blade
  • Necessary thickness of blade for cutting solid objects
  • Comfortable and slip-resistance feature due to deep grooves for handle


  • Heavy
  • Hard to sharpen on a stone


2. Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Machete 31-002289

Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Machete 31-002289
Our Rating: 4.7 / 5

Gerber has many features to be chosen as a good chopper or cutter. The first feature is about the steel used for the blade. It is carbon steel type, which is best known for good sharpness, sturdiness and durability. Plus, this steel is also excellent at preventing blade from rust and corrosion. Ideally, it is easy to sharpen.

In addition, the angled shape is a good design for clearing brush or limbs. As some reviews from users, the edge stays good after 3 months using for the works in forest but it is rusted a bit. When it reaches its first 5 months of use, the edge is still sharp but cause the blade to deform a bit due to its unique design.

Besides, with this knife, it is also heavy. It may be because of the steel that made of the blade. Plus, the curvy edge makes it difficult to sharpen.

Additionally, for the sheath, it is made of nylon, but non-slip material. Along with that, it has a loop, which can be hung easily. Wondering what Gerber is best used for? It is best used for cutting branches, chopping weeds down and peeling bark of trees.


  • Carbon steel for blade, which is ideal for sharpness, sturdiness and preventing from rust.
  • Angled design for blade, which makes it great for clearing brush, and peeling bark of trees.
  • Ergonomic design for handle, which helps users hold tightly.



  • Heavy
  • Difficult to sharpen due to curvy design


3. Condor Tool & Knife, Golok Machete, 14in Blade, Walnut Handle with Sheath

Condor Tool & Knife, Golok Machete, 14in Blade, Walnut Handle with Sheath
Our Rating: 4.7 / 5

The last machete that is worth your consideration comes from Condor. This is the most expensive in the list. Let’s look at its details: first, it is made of 1075 high carbon steel, which is sharp and solid. Along with that, the blade features epoxy black powder coating. Therefore, the blade can provide great performance for a wide range of uses.Plus, the design for the blade and the handle is excellent. The blade is designed with moderation for length and size. Also, the handle is very ergonomic for comfortable holding. In addition, the machete features the leather sheath, and has belt loop.

Second, this machete is manufactured by a German company, which is rather better than those made in China. Generally, most customers have that thought in mind. Probably, the high price may come from this reason.

Are you wondering which works this machete will provides great performance? It is best used for outdoor activities like hiking, trekking. Also, it is ideal for some agricultural works included pruning shrubs and trees.


  • Great quality for blade for sharpness and solidity
  • Length and size of blade is designed in moderation
  • Ergonomic handle

Great sheath


  • Expensive


4. Gerber Gator Machete Nylon Sheath, Black 31-000758

Gerber Gator Machete Nylon Sheath, Black 31-000758
Our Rating: 4.5 / 5

With this model, Gerber offers a design that combined a knife and a saw. It means, one side is a 15-inche blade and the other 18-inche side works as a real manual saw. For the material, it is made of high carbon steel, which is best known for high quality.

However, sadly, it doesn’t actually ensure the great sharpness and solid as it claims. Still, there are many reviews from users saying that, the edge gets dented just after several swings or first days of using. Also, the edge won’t offer a great performance when using to cut off branches or clearing bush. And, many customers blame this on China.

However, it is still good for some agricultural works like cutting down sugar canes. The lightweight, but not too light feature makes it more perfect to use for this job. For the side that works as a saw, the blade is sharp but it may be thick a bit, which doesn’t provide a great performance.

Interestingly, thought it has got many negative reviews for the quality of blade, it is still be a best-selling model on some online shopping sites. To explain this, several reasons of them may come from these things: it comes at very cheap price, as compared to other models, but the quality isn’t too bad for this price. Second, this is ideal for carrying when trekking or mountainous activities.


  • Double purpose of use due to the unique design
  • Light weight for carrying somewhere
  • Sharp blade
  • Ergonomic handle for great grip
  • Cheap price


  • Still not efficient performance for cutting solid objects
  • Easy to be dented


5. Gerber Gator Bolo Machete 31-002076

Gerber Gator Bolo Machete 31-002076
Our Rating: 4.5 / 5

The unique design for this model is about large size of blade, which is about 2.8 mm thickness and 15.5 inche length. For the material, the blade is made of quality material. That is 1050 Steel. Due to these features of blade, Bolo machete is ideal to cut wood and small limbs, clear bush and chop food.

In addition, this is also a great steel that has ability to prevent corrosion. Also, the handle is designed to be comfortable when holding in all conditions. Plus, Bolo features full tang construction. Besides, the ergonomic Gator grip handle is also an upside of this model, which is helpful to provide a comfortable and secure hold. Even when using in wet condition. Along with that, though, it is quite heavy, it still provide a natural feel when using.


  • Good steel for blade
  • Great sheath
  • Ergonomic handle


  • There is still have some cases that customers received machetes with blunted edges from the online sellers




Till now, you have definitely been armed with plenty of machete-related issues. You may weigh the pros and cons of each model for your best machete. Actually, all the information and recommended products included have collected from the trusted sources and from those who really used the product. So hopefully, if you decide to choose the product from the list we’ve recommended, you won’t regret with your choice later.

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