Top 4 Best Longboard Bearings 2017 Should Blow Your Mind

Longboarding has recently exploded in fame and popularity among sports industry all over the world. Nevertheless, several vocabularies coming with this type of sport such as wheels, techniques, trucks, new decks, etc. seem to be strange and become confusing at times for any users, even for the beginners or skilled athletes.

Top 4 Best Longboard Bearings

Among them, bearings are one of an essential equipment but turn to overwhelming to numerous users. Being aware of this importance, we would like to mention you as much informative as possible to make sure that you can pick up the longboard bearings which perfectly work well to your demands.

What are longboard bearings

For the people who have an unawareness of longboard, this type of sports tool is similar but much longer in length than a skateboard.

Top 4 Best Longboard Bearings

Longboard Bearings are an important part of a longboard which comes with a typical function to help the wheel spin. In other words, the part ensures the wheel’s movement to go round. Being installed in both longboard wheel’s sides, they are normally traded separately on the current market.

What are their functions in longboard?

As its faster speed, a longboard is normally used for downhill, slalom, long distance racing, cruising or sliding dancing, etc. To ensure durability and safety to users, long bearings are indispensable. This is the reason why choosing the best longboard bearings is a crucial task.

All of the longboard bearings are available in a standard dimension to offer a perfect fit within the wheels. The small balls made of steel or ceramic take place on around race (also called track) inside the rings. These balls combine with the permanent truck’s axle and the wheel’s interior hub to allow the wheel to go round once power is employed.

How to choose the best longboard bearings?

A well-manufactured long bearing can be different from a low-quality bearing in a variety of factors such as materials, tolerance (ABEC rating), the finish of surface, speed, load capacity or actually plus durability.

These various factors can make the purchasers overwhelmed when coming to the store and picking up a suitable bearing for their longboard. Instead of hurriedly choose any bearings available on the market, now first, let’s have a close look at some crucial factors you should pay high attention to select the best longboard bearings.

top 4 best longboard bearings


It is undeniable that materials make quality. The better materials the unit obtains, the higher quality it will get. In general, the bearings of longboard are made from two major materials of steel and ceramic.

In term of hardness, ceramic is more rigid than steel, but of course, its price is much higher. However, both of them guarantee enough trusted quality for the users and depending on the purpose and budget; the users may have a more suitable selection.

ABEC scale

The ABEC scale also means the tolerance setting to which the machine is established once creating this bearing. In fact, the higher the ABEC scale is, the more exact the bearing become. Not all of the bearings come with ABEC rating, and a bearing without ABEC scale may be more enjoyable and interesting than a rated one.

Bearing spacer

The spacer is a tiny cylinder made of metal which takes place between two bearings in the wheel. To ensure the wheel to operate as an entire organization, this design enables to tighten the axle nut in any conditions without preventing the wheel from spinning.

Durableness and speed

Because longboard is usually used for downhill, slalom, long distance racing, cruising or sliding dancing, it requires a higher durableness and speed than a skateboard. Meanwhile, a bearing significantly contributes to the speed and durableness of a longboard. Therefore, remember to check it carefully before purchasing.


Naturally, a higher-quality bearing means a higher budget you have to pay for. If you can afford and want to seek the highest-quality unit, let’s do. On the contrary, depending on the budget you want to invest in, pick up one with a reasonable and affordable price.
If you are wondering what are the best longboard bearings on the current market, here we will support you in this following part.

Top 4 best longboard bearings you might not know


1. Bones Bearings Reds Bearings

Bones Bearings Reds Bearings
Our Rating: 4.8 / 5


Considered as one of the best sellers ever in the USA, Bones Bearings comes with gorgeous features which satisfy you a lot. As simple speaking, this unit is not as fast as Bones Swiss or Ceramic, but these models are certainly better than numerous bearings out there at such a low price. Truly, it is fairly fast enough for you to go downhill or race in a long distance.

The most amazing thing helping to build its fame and function is that this bearing is an extremely smooth roll. By applying the Custom Complete characteristic, the model can enable you to stay in line for the entire day and a length of its life.

Not only does it ensure a smooth roll for the users but it is also very quiet. The rubber with non-contact and single features is one of the most important factors which help the model reduce its friction and ensure its quiet. Moreover, easy cleaning is also a plus of this product.


  • Considered as the best-seller ever in the USA
  • It is highly recommended by the customers as the best boarding bearing at such cheap price
  • Deliver an extremely smooth ride and roll, so ensure comfort and convenience to users
  • Quiet and do not make any noise while rolling
  • Easy to clean and polish


  • Easy to get stains on it, so you have to clean it frequently
  • Not as fast as some other models

2. Yellow Jacket 608 Premium Bearings

Yellow Jacket 608 Premium Bearings
Our Rating: 4.8 / 5


Highly recommended by both customers and professions, they are considered as excellent bearings out there. These bearings are right out of the box and ready to move and deliver a smooth wheelspin for the users. In addition to spin improvement, they are built to enhance speed with fast lube available as well. For the users, who are seeking speed in their unit, these are an ideal one.

Differ from other brands; Yellow Jacket 608 provides a beneficial money-back guarantee for customers. If there are any technical troubles with your bearings, just need to return this model, and then, you will receive a full of refund. We cannot say that it is the only one guarantee available on the market, but you can feel satisfied with this wonderful money-back guarantee.


  • Come with reasonable price
  • Fast speed makes it ideal for downhill, slalom, long distance racing, cruising or sliding dancing, etc.
  • Deliver a smooth spin and ensure quiet for the users
  • Engineered to last longer than some of the models on the current market
  • Extreme beneficial money-back guarantee


  • Impossible for hand spinners

3. Zealous Bearings for Longboards and Skateboards

Zealous Bearings for Longboards and Skateboards
Our Rating: 4.7 / 5

If you are seeking a longboard bearing with built-in spacers for no demands for a speed ring or a spacer, these Zealous Bearings are definitely for you. This model can work well as what a bearing is supposed to do. The ABEC scale is great while the lube these bearings use out of the box is excellent. Besides, it helps to make all the needed wheels a breeze, and of course, these wheels can roll for days by days.

One of the selling points, when you become the owner of Zealous Bearings, is that you never have to make any efforts to clean it. Even in harsh conditions such as rain, it is extremely simple to clean, or even does not require a clean as well. All in all, this bearing is a great model that is affordable in price but provides a consistent roll and ensures an extreme durability and innovation.


  • Built-in spacers for no demands for a speed ring or spacers
  • Come with affordable price, so increase chances for more users
  • Consistent roll with durability and innovation
  • Simple to clean or even no needs for clean. This function is ideal for the ones who are afraid of regular cleaning.


  • Cannot work on the light up wheels
  • Low speed may make someone confused, especially the ones who love high speed

4. NEAL Precision Skate Bearings

NEAL Precision Skate Bearings
Our Rating: 4.2 / 5

Available in three different kinds of bearings such as Swiss, Ceramic, and Titanium, Neal can serve different flavors of users. These units are ideal if you tend to invest in a larger amount of money which builds higher quality for a product in ceramic material instead of steel one.

One valuable thing about NEAL precision is its ability to deliver the fastest speed ever. Compare to steel bearings, these ceramic longboard bearings are normally 40% stronger and 50% lighter. Although it cannot make all of the users amazing, it works as it is supposed to do.

Plus, this set also consists of a reusable case of a waterproof sticker, four skateboard spacers, and eight precision bearings. When using these bearings, you will also have a chance to gain the difference between well-manufactured bearings and low manufactured ones in quality construction. Then, of course, this helps you to prevent the worry about bearings damage.


  • Made of ceramic and available in three kinds of bearings
  • Ceramic material makes it much lighter and stronger than steel one
  • Consist of a reusable case
  • Ensure the fastest speed ever, and this is ideal for those who love high speed


  • Not all the parts of these bearings are made of ceramic material ( the frame is made of steel)
  • Some users say that these bearings normally drag.


High-quality longboard bearings are must-have equipment for any longboards. Without them, the users cannot take their longboard into operation. Picking up the right models ca be a big challenge for many skaters, especially those who are new to longboarding. Luckily, there are numerous options available on the current market for them to choose.

What you should do is to have an overall look at several options, and then, base on your purpose as well as their typical features to make a right decision. Hope that our above article on the best longboard bearings will be helpful for you and your upcoming purchase and selection.

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