Best Hunting Crossbow Reviews and Guide 2017

Crossbow is a kind of tool which is based on bow in both design and working principle. From about 4th, our ancestor used crossbow for hunting and since that time, they has been improved continuously. Until now, the design is far different from the ancient one, but the principle always stays the same. In this article, I will indicate some fundamental facts about them and some best hunting crossbow reviews, which you should choose in varied price range.

How to choose the best Hunting Crossbow for the money and Accessories

It is really not an easy task to choose your right one among a ton of models in the market today. Like choosing other hunting tools , firstly, you need to figure out your needs and then find the most suitable product to meet them.

Cost maybe the most important factor you need to concern. Price of crossbow is diverse, from hundreds dollar to thousands dollar, depend on material and design. If you have a narrow budget, maybe the flagship crossbows are not your best choice. However, as I mention above, each price range also has a best hunting crossbow represented so you do not need to worry.

After picking your price range, the next thing you need to count is the model designs and accessories attached which best meet your needs. Maybe it is a recurve crossbow or a compound one. Do you want a multiple reticule scope or red-dot for option in sight? Do you want a cocking device like rope or crank to help you cock the crossbow or you want to do it manually? There are also many things that have to be decided about the crossbow’s stock. The material can be wood or synthetic metal and be covered with smooth camouflage patterns. I think that the selections are enough for you to choose the right model which suit best to your needs

Once all the decisions above are made, you should think about the brand. Like car or motorbike brands, each brand has their own advantages and disadvantages in price policy, design, features and warranty policy. In this case, you should read reviews of other customer about products of each brand to find out which one fit your needs.

Crossbow Brands

The last thing that you must decide is draw weight. This depends mostly on things you want to hunt and how many pound you can draw back. Usually, a deer hunter needs a crossbow with 150 pounds in draw weight. You can buy one which lighter or harder draw back to meet your needs.

Finally, after deciding all the selection above and choosing the most suitable, buy one and have fun.

Top-Rated Hunting Crossbow Reviews 2017

Unless you have a lot of money, purchasing a best huntingcrossbow which suits to your need is not an easy task. You need to find product not only suiting to your price range but also having the highest performance per price score. Here I have some recommendations for you. All of them are chosen carefully from tons of product on the market and sorted by price range. I can assure that they will never let you down.

1. SA Sports Fever Package

SA Sports Fever
Our Rating: 4.5 / 5

This is surely the most inexpensive crossbow which you can find with moderate quality. The price is very suitable with people who are newbies in this field and who are looking for something easy to use with reasonable cost. The package also comes with everything a beginner need: Quick Detach Quiver with 4 arrows, padded shoulder sling, and adjustable weaver style scope mount.

Moreover, the outside is covered by camouflage paint so it looks nice, too. However, you can’t expect great power in this price. In fact, it can through an aluminum arrow with speeds just up to 240 FEET PER SECOND. You can surely improve this figure by using carbon arrows, but they will cost you a little bit more money. Therefore, this crossbow is only for training.

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2. Barnett Jackal Package

Barnett Jackal
Our Rating: 4.3 / 5

More money, better quality. If the former can’t make you feel satisfies, I can assure that you will like this one. With a reasonable price, Barnett manufacturer bring to us a package with a light weight, high power; a quiver; 3 20 inches arrows and a red dot sight come together. It can shot an arrow with the speed up to 315 FEET PER SECOND and 150 pounds in drag power, enough to kill a deer. With the red dot sight, it is really a deadly weapon for any hunters. Moreover, its body is very light, and thanks to synthetic material, it is also durable. The design is also quite cool with camouflage cover so you will surely love it when you see it.

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3. Barnett Wildcat C5 Package

Barnett Ghost 400 CRT
Our Rating: 4.5 / 5

Another good product which is came from Barnett manufacturer. This is the best crossbow that you can find in this price range and it is no doubt that this is the best seller one of this brand. Throwing arrow with 320 FEET PER SECOND in speed, this thing is deadly in 50 yard range. High speed, good performance and affordable price, there are no other things a hunter can demand. The string and cable system is all new, it is best for beginners or someone are looking for to start with.

The scope is great, and a crank attachment is also built-in so you can easily setup a crank cocking device to help you cock the crossbow. However, this option does not include in this package. Beside the scope, this package also covers a quick-detach quiver and 3 20-inch arrows.

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4. Parker Bows CHAllenGER 4X MR Package

Parker Bows CHAllenGER 4X MR Package
Our Rating: 5 / 5

From this stage, we escape from entry level of the game. And this is the best crossbow model in this stage. Being designed with very light body, only 5 1/2 lbs in weight, this compact crossbow is quite easy to shoulder, aim and fire. Interestingly, the draw weight is adjustable. You can modify it from 125 pounds to 150 pounds without using any complicate tools to suit any mission you want to, from training to hunting a huge deer.

Moreover, the firing velocity can also up to 300 FEET PER SECOND go with vented forearm which is made for optimal balance and boosted up the speed makes this weapon become very considerable. The package includes 3X multi-reticle scope with 5 aiming points; 4 arrows and quick detach quiver.

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5. Excalibur Axiom SMF Crossbow Reviews

Excalibur Axiom SMF Crossbow Kit
Our Rating: 4.8 / 5

This is the champion in this stage with the quality, durability and accuracy can compare to much more expensive one. Like other Excalibur crossbows, the accuracy of this one is respectable. The arrow speed is quite good with 305 feet per second while its draw weight is 175 pounds. Low speed but high accuracy, well, you should not be too greed.

Moreover, its body is as hard as bulletproof, and it is only 6 pound mass in weight, so you can bring it during hunting day with no worry about your shoulder or actions which can cause damage to your crossbow. The kit also includes a matching multiplex scope with mounting hardware, one rope cocking device, a quiver and 4 high-quality Firebolt arrows complete with field points.

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6. Carbon Express 20261 Intercept Axon with Kit

Carbon Express 20261 Intercept Axon
Our Rating: 4.7 / 5

Well, from this stage, you will reach the high-end level soon. This one has great efficiency, high power and precision with a reasonable price. This is a customizable. That means you can add or remove any accessories to the stock to suit to any missions you want without effecting to its performance.

Moreover, this design has a carbon bone, so it is extremely lightweight compare to others in the same level. This crossbow can throw an arrow with a considerable speed at 360 feet per second. It is the feature makes this thing become very suitable for serious hunting season. The scope included in this kit is very high quality and can allow you aim in varying light condition. The kit also includes 3 Maxima Blue Streak bolts, a quick detach quiver, a rope cocking device, a rail lubricant, and 3 practice points.

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7. Excalibur Matrix 380 Package, Realtree Xtra, 260-Pound Crossbow Reviews

Excalibur Matrix 380 Package, Realtree Xtra, 260-Pound
Our Rating: 4.8 / 5

The Excalibur’s model brings you the consistency and features of a recurve crossbow in a compact one. It owns superb power which can allow an arrow velocity up to 380 feet per second. It can easily take down anything from 80 miles range with incredible precision of a best recurve crossbow. Indeed, this one will help you much in any hunting competitions and surely bring you victory.

However, the draw weight is 260 pounds, so unless the physical is suitable, you really need a cocking device to aid cocking process. The package also includes a compact Tact-Zone scope which is designed specifically for this model.

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8. Horton Innovations Legend Ultra-Lite Package with ACUdraw

Horton Innovations Legend Ultra-Lite Package with ACUdraw
Our Rating: 4.5 / 5

Horton manufacturer offers you an ultra-lite weight weapon. Being designed specifically with parts made from carbon and aluminum, make its weight down to only 6.8 pounds. It is really an impressive figure. However, this model is durable enough to provide to the arrow a launching speed up to 330 feet per second, make this one become one of the best crossbows in this price range. The draw weight is quite low too, only 175 pounds, so you can easily cock this thing easily without using and cocking device.

The package also includes a Horton 4×32 Multi-Line Scope, ACUdraw 50 cocking mechanism, Horton 3-Arrow Quiver, Ambidextrous Side-Mount Quiver Bracket and 3 Carbon Arrows.

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9. Barnett Razr CRT

Barnett 78210 Razr CRT Pkg Quiver
Our Rating: 3.7 / 5

I can assure that the money which you have to pay will be equivalent the quality which you received. And this is the best one in this price range I want to recommend to you. First of all, the crossbow bring to you an incredible arrow launching speed, with the figure is 400 feet per second. The body is 43% lighter compare to the former model thank to better carbon material, and it also allows great balance.

All parts of this crossbow are made of aluminum and carbon, and it give this model an ultra-lite weight, about 6.5 pounds. The draw weight is only 185 pounds, so you can easily cock it.

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10. TenPoint Vapor C13004-7411 with RangeMaster Pro Scope and Pro V22 Carbon Arrows

TenPoint C13004-7411 Vapor
Our Rating: 4.9 / 5

Finally, you reach the top product. This is the high-end level of crossbow game. According to the manufacturer, this product mostly focuses on velocity, weight reduction and maneuverability. Indeed, it can launch an arrow with speed up to 360 feet per second and its weight is just 6.8 pounds. The draw weight is just 165 pound so you can effortlessly cock the crossbow without using the ACUdraw cocking mechanism included. The product is also finished in aluminum design. This really make its exterior look professional. The RangeMaster Pro Scope and 6 pro V22 carbon arrow included also make this model become the deadliest weapon in the hunting ground.

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Types of crossbow

There are 2 main types that you can find on the market today: the Recurve and the Compound Crossbow. The basic difference between 2 models is that compound crossbow has a string with pulley system which allows the string delivering more power to the arrow in each shot, as well as making the cocking process become more effortlessly. In contrast, the power of recurve one is generated equivalently with recurve power of the crossbow, therefore you will really need a cocking device to aid cocking process when using a recurve cross bow with heavy draw weight.

  • Compound: is a standard of modern crossbow. The limbs are placed in a split system or single one, and they are also harder than those of recurve crossbow. It allow the crossbow shoot the arrows more silently with more power, but make them become heavier than the former.
  • Recurve: is an old-style model which is similar to recurve bow. In fact, it is a bow with the “bow” part away from the shooter. Its limbs are recurved, giving more power to the arrows and less hand shock. It also causes more noise than the compound one because the design of limbs makes them suffer more strain.

best hunting crossbow

How to cock a Crossbow

There are 3 different ways to cock a crossbow safely and efficiently. However, no matter which way you use, the first thing you need to remember when cocking is you must firmly seat your foot into the stirrup to avoid any accidents. The crossbow can easily come forward and hit your body parts during the draw cycle when you cock and make you injure.


In this way, I highly recommend you to use a marker to mark the string in even part of both sides flight track. So when you cock the crossbow, you know it is even all the way up above. After the string is marked, keep your fingers tight to the flight track and pull evenly all the way through until you hear a double click inside the trigger box. At that point, you can release the string. You can also verify it by checking your marks to make sure each one alongside the flight track inside the trigger box.

Using a rope cocking device

Firstly, you need to set the hooks on both tops of the cocking device onto the string of your crossbow. When you do this, do not worry if the hooks are up or down. The most important thing you need to make sure is both hooks are on the same face. After that, you can start to pull the device straight back to the trigger box, and as a result, the string which is held by hooks will be drawn together. Like the former way, you need to maintain even force in both sides of the cocking device during cocking process. And when you hear a double click inside the trigger box, you know that the string is in place.

Using a crank cocking device

Simply, it is a crank attached to the stock to help you cock the crossbow. After disengaging the safety of the crank, all you need to do is spinning the cranking handle to set the string onto right position. After that, you can remove the device easily. However, more convenient always goes along with more money. This device is only available on high-end crossbow models which cost you much money to own.

Too hard to understand? Dont worry, you can easily watch this video.


Finally, I want to re-affirm that the aim of this Crossbow reviews is not forcing you to buy my recommended products. In contrast, the information in it provides fundamental facts and knowledge to help people who are new to this interesting tool. Hope that you can find this reviews is useful and they can somehow help you choose your best hunting crossbow for the money!

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