What to look for in a good Batting Glove?

Batting gloves are a useful component in baseball, they are typically composed of a leather palm and back which is made of nylon or some other synthetic fabric. Gloves can cover both hands of batters, providing them comfort, an improved grip, shock absorption when hitting the ball and prevention of blisters. The use of gloves is not compulsory at any level of a baseball game, but they are considered one of the most important parts of baseball equipment and clothing.

Best Baseball Batting Gloves Reviews

Why do baseball players wear batting gloves

Almost all of baseball players find that batting gloves are essential to improve their performance in a baseball game. Maintaining a tight grip and constantly controlled on the bat while swinging is very important for ultimate hitting power and accuracy. Batting Gloves provide extra grip on the bat no matter what type of the bat is by keeping player’s hands dry and free of natural body perspiration.

Another reason for baseball players to wear batting gloves is that they can protect their hands. Firstly, batting gloves offer shock protection, it is the pressure which is forced into the bones of their hand as the bat hits the fast incoming ball. The vibrations resulting from the bat hitting the ball often leave the batter’s fingers momentarily tingling, stinging or make their hands numb for a while. Particularly in cold weather, players are usually known to fracture bones in their hands from the electric shock, especially with a bad batting swing without any added padding on their own hands. The gloves also provide protection for their hands when they slide into a base because they often slide in on the palms of their hands and wearing batting gloves also greatly reduces friction burns to player’s hands during a tough slide.

Without batting gloves, players have to play with blisters on hands which can cause discomfort and affect the player’s catching and hitting accuracy. A correctly fitting batting gloves also helps to reduce the chance of player’s hands developing uncomfortable and painful blisters on their fingers and palms.

In general, batting gloves are commonly used by baseball players of all skill levels and ages, they are known as an essential part of the baseball player’s outfit.

How should a baseball glove fit

When it comes to how a baseball glove should fit, it means determining your gloves size. Nobody wants a pair of batting gloves which is too big or too small for their hands because this can cause them uncomfortable feelings and make it hard to play well. To avoid that, you should always measure your dominant hands before you buy a pair of batting gloves. In details, you have to measure the distance in inches between the tip of your middle finger and the base of your palm. Almost all glove manufacturer have their own set of sizing measurements for you already but the general guideline is already in section IV of this article for you.

You need to make sure that it is tight enough to avoid excessive bunching while you are making a fist, however, if your gloves are too tight, they will be your obstruction, and you cannot move freely anymore. That is the reason why you need to buy a suitable pair of gloves with which you can completely move your fingers easily and individually.

IV. Top 3 Best Batting Glove Reviews

1. Under Armour Clean up Batting Gloves

Under Armour Clean up Batting Gloves
Our Rating: 4.8 / 5

One of the things that make these gloves special is that they are super lightweight and durable because of goatskin leather palm. The tacky materials in the palms can give you a better grip, and you will find the Heat Gear on the back of hand which provides superior moisture management and four – way stretch. In addition, there are also a lot of Palm side finger perforations, they can give you more breathability and allow your sweat to escape from your baseball gear more quickly, help your hands stay dry during the baseball game. That is the reason why this product is very suitable for you if you are a person who sweats a lot from hands, they will give you soft comfort without sacrificing durability and grip. Furthermore, Contoured wrist closure on top of the gloves will ensure a custom comfortable fit and an internal locker tag will guarantee your gear can not run anywhere.

I have been through so many brands and styles when it comes to batting gloves. I usually get worn spots over the course of the season. Not these gloves. I played 2 seasons the last year on two different teams. These gloves held up nicely and broke in very well. With so many other gloves, you may get rough spots on the seams and they are the things that make it uncomfortable for you. Not these gloves! They have a very high quality. That is the reason why I think I will buy another pair in a different color.

2. Easton HF3 Fastpitch - Best Youth Batting Glove

Easton HF3 Fastpitch Youth Batting Gloves
Our Rating: 4.7 / 5

Hard to find the best youth batting gloves? Don’t worry because Easton HF3 Fastpitch will fit you anyway, thanks to their finger design which is able to follow the natural curve of your own hands so it will give you a tight grip. Another amazing thing about Easton HF3 is their durable 2-piece synthetic palm and HyperskinATM on the back of the gloves including the fingers and thumbs, it means they will allow for a dry and comfortable fit.

  • The overall product was completely amazing. The gloves really helped me out during my baseball season. I would recommend this product to anyone who looking for youth batting gloves
  • My 7-year-old son absolutely loves them and every player in his baseball team wants to try on the gloves. I recommended this batting gloves and they fit very well for all of the players

3. Rawlings Workhorse Batting Glove

Rawlings Workhorse Batting Glove
Our Rating: 4.5 / 5

These gloves are made from the finest leathers of Pittards, treated with a special Oil tac 2 treatment which allows for a more softness and an improved grip. With the Dynamic Fit System, the gloves form and stretch for the most comfortable fit for users so as to bring them comfort and greater flex and feel during the baseball game. Unlike many other gloves on the market, Rawlings Workhorse Adult Batting Gloves have the elastic double- knit spandex finger gussets and the reinforced stretchable wrist closure, they will make it very easy for you to adjust the fit to your liking. However, what makes these gloves special is that they are also added to a Dura-Plus pad for additional protection in your palm, this feature makes this product suitable for players who used to have hand injuries and they still can play properly with this product.

Last season, I found these Rawlings Workhorse Adult Batting Gloves on the Internet and I just bought them because I don’t want to spend too much time on searching for such a little thing like.  But they were totally beyond my expectation. In terms of design, maybe they were not the best looking. However, they could last almost forever. With these gloves, I can’t scrap up my own hands while sliding anymore. All of the gloves I bought before tore up so fast and they couldn’t last until the end of a season. With these, I don’t have to worry about the durability anymore, and that is the reason why the gloves are worth the money to me. I hope they will not stop making these gloves because I really want to buy another pair right after these tear up.

Batting glove size chart

When it comes to buying a glove, one of the most important things you need to keep in mind is the different sizes will choose from. Whether you can choose the most suitable gloves or not depends on size of your hands.

The chart below will show you an estimate of the size ranges of gloves for a specific size of your hands:


Base of your palmMen ’s sizeWomen ’s sizeYouth size
6 to 6.25 inchesYouth  S
6.25 to 6.5 inchesWomen ’s  XSYouth M
6.5 to 6.75 inchesMen ’s XSWomen ’s  SYouth L
6.75 to 7 inchesMen ’s SWomen ’s  MYouth XL
7 to 7.25 inchesMen ’s MWomen ’s  L
7.25 to 7.75 inchesMen ’s LWomen ’s  XL
7.75 inches to 8 inchesMen ’s XL

Guides to choose the best batting gloves

There is a wide range of brands that are available at many different degrees of effectiveness, quality, and price. It is obvious that in order to find the right batting gloves, the first thing you need to do is how to measure and fit a pair of baseball batting gloves correctly. That is just one of the most important things when it comes to choosing the best gloves, it means there are also many things you should care about such as effectiveness, quality, and price. Remember that there is a lot of brands which are available with many kinds of gloves, if you don’t have a certain knowledge about batting gloves, you cannot find the right gloves for yourself. However, the followings may be several things you need to care about when choosing the best batting gloves

Material and Grip

In terms of batting gloves, remember that there are only 2 types of materials, they are synthetic and leather. Both of them give you a quite good grip. However, but almost all gloves now available are made from leather. Gloves made from this material seems to be expensive, a little bit more than the other type of gloves. However, leather can offer batters the natural feel. It is obvious that the type of gloves always has perforations for more ventilation. When it comes to leather palm, you need to dry brush the gloves and then use a little water to mist them in order to retain the stickiness.

Batting Glove Material

You can totally try gloves with Pittards leather, if you want it, Rawlings the Workhorse will be highly recommended for you. This leather can give the gloves better water resistance and consistent durability. Furthermore, the Workhorse gloves are so popular with their system called Dynamic Fit to give players much better flexibility.

Synthetic gloves also offer you a large amount of flexibility and a great comfort, thanks to the extra spandex in their construction. They can pull sweat off skin and keep your hands dryer than many ordinary gloves. This type of gloves can be easily cleaned, but if you need to restore the grip, then it is necessary for you to rinse the gloves with water.


How your batting gloves are made is so important that it is one of the main things which decide how they can fit in your hands and how comfortable they will be. You should know that extra fabric on the gloves are not always good for you because more than enough fabric can make you lose the feel for your bat. There will be a high chance that your own gloves can cause irritation when the extra fabric rub on your hands.


It is totally not a bad idea when it comes to buying a batting glove for yourself. Whether it is the full glove or only specific stretch zone, there are elastic fabrics designed in order to retract. Bunching within the grip will not be your problem anymore because the fabrics will help you avoid it.

Palm Pad

Padding is another important thing you need to know about for the best gloves. A palm pad is composed of a thin layer of material or foam and is placed in the palm area of the gloves to absorb sting and vibration. With this palm pad, you have to balance protection and feel in order to find the right range for yourself. Just don’t look for too much material for protecting your own hands from vibration and sting, however, don’t look for too much material which can make you lose the grip or make the pads interfere with your grip.

Articulated Thumb

It is true that the articulated thumb of all gloves is separately cut from the other parts. The technique is to add more mobility to the batting gloves you are wearing, make you freer with easy movement in your own thumb. That is the reason why you also need to care about the articulated thumb of the gloves you are going to buy, a pair of gloves with a suitable articulated thumb will give you a great comfort in a baseball game.

Pre-Curved Fingers design

Many baseball players think of this part as a necessary thing for their own gloves. A pair of gloves with this fingers design doesn’t lie flat. However, it can keep natural curves. You don’t have to worry about too many fabrics that may bunch under your knuckles every time you grip the bat or make a fist. There are many types of gloves with pre-curved fingers on market for you to choose. The pre-curved fingers can shape the gloves. Naturally, that is why you can find that they always move harmoniously with your own hands, but more importantly without using a large amount of material which can cause a great discomfort.

Wrist design

You should keep in mind that the key to any wrist strap style is lockdown and fit. Whether the cuff straps or flips up around your own wrists, it is obvious that enough security will be needed to prevent your batting gloves from fitting or slipping in the way which can distract you at the plate. If you are choosing a pair of batting gloves, you will see mostly the gloves with the Velcro straps compared to many other gloves which have snap closures. Now the real problem is about flexibility versus reliability.

The gloves style with snap closures can offer you more reliability. It is an solid design that has the ability to keep the wrist closed once you wear the gloves. However, the drawback of this design is that it is quite uncomfortable for you to adjust because you only have few seconds during your play.

On the contrary, the Velcro closure will be extremely easy for you to adjust during plays. This design also gives you a much larger and wider variety of fit and adjustability options. Nowadays, a lot of people want to buy this type of closure design instead of the other design, that’s why this is more common between the 2 designs of wrist closure. However, it is likely to get wet and dirty, even become less effective than the other design after a period of being used.

Moisture Management

Sweaty-HandsNow, most batting gloves contain ventilation in order to rise airflow for your hands. Remember that keeping hands dry inside the gloves is very important, this will reduce the possibility of your hands slipping when you swing. Some moisture management forms are good for your batting glove’s lifespan. Without moisture ventilation or wicking, bacteria will have a chance to grow inside your gloves and they can cause a skin irritation which is terrible for your own hands. That is the reason why you should make your gloves dry after every baseball game. One of the easiest ways for you to find a quick-drying glove is to check the whole mesh carefully – where you can see through those holes. It may be a good idea for you to pay attention to the Heat Gear technology, it is available for you in Under Armour gloves. The Heat Gear is placed along with the 4-way stretch fabrics for a greater breathability. However, there are so many other gloves with good moisture management available for you to choose from.

Final thoughts

It seems to be a little bit complicated for you to choose the best batting gloves because there are a lot of things about gloves you don’t know, however, it is not that hard if you read all the main things mentioned in this article carefully. Keep in mind that a pair of batting gloves is all about your feel including grip and comfort when you swing the bat. Every baseball player wants their gloves to fit snuggly and feel comfortable, and your final goal is certainly to have a pair of batting gloves which can add to your performance at the plate, not to distract you. That is the reason why construction and fit are 2 most important things you need to care about when it comes to buying the best batting gloves. If you can choose the right batting gloves that fit you properly and more importantly you exactly know how to preserve them, there is strong a possibility that your glove’s lifespan can even be more than just one season.

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