Are Cats The Real Leprechauns? Pets Discovery

We know there’s a lot of conspiracy theories out there, but there’s a striking resemblance between cats and leprechauns, and we think it’s a little… umm… fishy. Could it be?

Here are a few reasons why we’ve decided that Cats are secretly Leprechauns.

cat four-leaf clovers
Take a look at how at home this cat feels in a field full of four-leaf clovers
gold and rainbow kitty
If that doesn’t do it for you, check out this “kitty” and his very suspicious pot of gold and rainbow. 
RED-HANDED taking part in Leprechaun shenanigans
Or this cat, caught RED-HANDED taking part in Leprechaun shenanigans. 


(Ok… if this isn’t enough proof, we’re not sure what is.)

I'm secretly a Leprechaun
Does this face not have “I’m secretly a Leprechaun” written all over it!?

Still not convinced?

taste for Irish brew
Ok…how about this kitten, who just HAPPENS to have a taste for Irish brew? Weird.
cat in bread
Or just how right this cat looks in a red beard?

We’re not going to make any accusations here… but…



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