24 Home Remedies For Neck Pain

Having a painful neck can make you feel really uncomfortable. It can also affect your overall daily activities and cause other inconvenient problems such as the difficulty in eating and sleeping.

For some people, neck pain lasts for several days. But in some severse cases, it persits and becomes worse. If you start to feel neck pain, you could try these remedies below to see if they work on you. If not, you need to consult your doctor to check for futher underlying problems.

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Here are the top 24 remedies you could do at home for reducing neck pain:

The first remedies that you could use to relieve the neck pain will have something related to water, in both hot and cold temperature. The hot water will help circulate the blood flow while the cold water will help to reduce inflammation.

1. Apply Ice Pack

The first and most common remedy for neck pain is using ice. The cold temperature offers soothing and alleviating pain. All you need to do is putting some ice cubes into a plastic bag then wrapping it in a dry cloth or towel. You can put that onto your neck for a maximum time of 15 minutes.
You can change the bag and repeat the remedy in 3 to 4 hours.
You should never apply ice directly on your skin as it will increase the risk of getting cold burn.

best home remedies for neck pain
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2. Apply A Heating Pad

You can also apply a heating pad onto the painful area. The hot temperate helps to promote the flow of blood and enhances the blood circulation as well as relaxing the stiff neck muscles.

3. Take A Hot Shower

Taking a hot shower will temporarily ease your neck pain. You can spray the water continuously on the neck for about 5 minutes. Make sure you don’t bend your neck while doing this. You should not spend a long time on this remedy as well, especially if you have a high blood pressure or any heart disease.

4. Take A Hot And Cold Shower

This is another variation of this method above. Instead of having a hot shower only, you can first spray with hot water and then change to the cold water. You can repeat the process until you feel comfortable.

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5. Take A Epsom Salt Bath

Epsom salt is really effective in easing pain and reducing muscles’ tension thanks to its rich content of magnesium sulfate.
You can do this remedy by mixing some cups of Epsom salt into a warm bath. Then you go into the bath with the neck covered by water.
You can take this remedy everyday and soon the neck pain will disappear.

6. Take An Apple Cider Vinegar Bath

Besides water, you can use this unique and powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substance to reduce neck pain.You can mix 3 cups of apple cider vinegar into a warm bath and then go inside the bath with the neck fully covered by water. You should stay inside the bath for at least 15 minutes.
You should do it daily until you no longer feel the pain.

7. Mix Your Bath With Lavender Oil

Another substance you could mix into your bath is lavender oil. It will help to reduce the pain and bring you a good sleep.

8. Apply Lavender Oil Bags

Another way of using lavender oil is mixing it with water and put it into small sealed bags. Apply directly onto your neck for the maximum time of 30 minutes. You can do it up to 3 times a day.
Besides lavender oil, there are many other oils you could use for the same result such as rosemary oil, citronella oil and tea tree oil.

9. Apply A Balm To The Painful Area

There are many brands of balm on the market that will help you relive the neck pain. Some brands like IcyHot will first give you a cool feel and then gradually heats. After that, the pain will be reduced or go away.
In the next section, I will provide some remedies that are related to exercising and massaging. As I mention above, one reason for neck pain is the muscle tension. Doing these stretching exercises will relive these pressures and enhance the circulation of blood flow. These will help to reduce neck pain over time.

10. Tilt Your Neck

There are some simple exercises which you can do everywhere to reduce the pain. For example, you can turn your head slowly to the left then to the right and forwards and then backwards.
You can repeat this exercise 4 times. Don’t stop in the middle of a movement.

11. Roll Your Neck

You can roll your neck slowly in a clockwise direction and then in an anticlockwise direction.

12. Do Chin To Chest Stretches

You can only do this exercise when you have a light or moderate neck pain.
Just slowly lower your neck so that your chin come as close to the chest as possible. Hold that for 15 to 20 seconds before returning to the starting position.

13. Do Some Yoga Poses

Even if you are suffering from neck pain, there is no excuse to stop exercising frequently. There are some Yoga poses which target your neck stretching really effectively. You can do the Cobra pose, Cat pose or Child pose to help you feel more comfortable.

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14. Have A Gentle Massage On Your Neck

You can do it yourself or you can ask some of your family members to do it for you. A gentle massage around the neck area will promote the circulation of blood flow, which then increases the speed of healing. Remember not to target the painful area.
Before massaging, warm up your hands. Then slowly rub your fingertips in circular motion.

15. Use A Foam Roller To Massage

Instead of using hand to massage, you can use a foam roller and place it under your neck, while you are lying down.
Roll your upper back against the foam roller. When moving, it will help to massage the painful spot and release the tension.

One of the main reasons for the neck pain is the lack of nutrients in your diet. Potassium and calcium are 2 most important minerals which ensure the normal functions of all the muscles. If your body lacks these, it will suffer from muscles tension and cause neck pain. Therefore, other effective remedies are to supply your body with powerful and capable ingredients.

16. Drink Turmeric Tea

Turmeric is rich of curcumin, which is an effective anti-inflammatory agent. You can treat neck pain with turmeric by heating a mixture of turmeric powder and milk in the pan for at least 3 mintues. Let the mixture cool and add some honey or sugar for a better taste before you drink.
If you consume it twice a day, you will see that the pain will disappear quickly.

17. Drink Water With Ginger

Ginger Water
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Ginger is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients. You can cut ginger into small pieces and boil them with water until they are tender. For more flavor, you can add honey. You can drink 3 cups of this ginger tea a day.
Instead of fresh ginger, you can also use powered dry ginger. Simply mix 2 or 3 spoons of this powder with hot water and consume immediately.

18. Make A Ginger Compress

If you don’t like the taste of ginger, you can try applying it directly on your skin. Put some grated or finely chopped ginger into a piece of cloth. Soak this into hot water and then apply the warm cloth directly onto your neck for at least 10 minutes.

19. Apply Cayenne Pepper Powder

You can mix cayenne pepper powder and olive oil then apply this mixture onto your sore neck. Do it twice a day until you no longer feel the pain.

20. Use Capsaicin Cream

Capsaicin is the ingredient extracted from cayenne pepper. You can buy this easily in many drug stores. Apply this cream onto your sore neck and rub it gently. You can do this remedy a few times a day until the pain goes away.

21. Drink Blackstrap Molasses

You can drink a mixture of blackstrap molasses with warm water. This will supplement your body with healthy and useful mineral to support the health of the neck.

22. Take Over The Counter Pain Relievers

You can buy some pain relievers such as ibuprofen (brands like Advil), naproxen (Aleven) or acetaminophen (Tylenol). Remember to consult your doctor if you see any side effect.
Also these pain relievers are used for a short time only.

Furthermore, you should change or improve some of your habits. They contribute a great deal to the health of your neck as well as your overall health.

23. Drink A Lot Of Water

You need to drink at least 2 liters of water every day. Your neck needs to stay hydrated to more around with flexibility and smoothness.

24. Rest And Take A Good Sleep

The last advice I could give you is go to sleep in a comfortable mattress with supportive pillow. Your neck may have a long day in some awkward positions and it will become better if you let it have some rest on a soft but firm pillow.

Here are some simple but very effective remedies you can do at home to reduce your neck pain. If your neck pain persists or gets worse after 1 or 2 weeks, you should see your doctor immediately.
Besides these remedies, it is important that you have a good posture all the time as well as having a good habit and lifestyle so that you can prevent neck pain from reoccurring in the future.

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